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Why Agapi?

Many people ask us why we started Agapi? What is so unique abut it? Agapi is not just another company that sells boats. We sell boating. We sell moments. We sell unforgettable experiences at sea.

Agapi means ”love” in Greek. We love being at sea. We love the sense of freedom that looking out at an endless horizon gives you. We love nature, adventure and simplicity. And most of all we love sharing all those moment with our family and friends.

This is the very spirit of Agapi and the motor that drive us to do this. It is not about just selling one more boat, it is about being a source of inspiration and about sharing.

What’s so special about our boats?

Agapi boats were born out of a personal need because we wanted more than the market could offer. We couldn’t find a boat that fulfilled our needs as a family and the boating life we were craving for. We were mainly looking for the combination of contrasting boat benefits without compromising on any of them:

Easy to handle, easy to maintain, easy to trailer, sea-worthy and safe.
Also, comfortable, versatile, sporty and gentle to the environment.
And obviously, “cool” looking.

Before Agapi the combination of all these in one single boat was not possible. Thanks to innovative thinking, Swedish design expertise, modern production, and exclusive materials the SUV of the sea was born. The easiest way to explain this is simply by inviting people to test drive our boats themselves. That is when we normally smile back and say “Yes we know!” All this thanks to a simple idea elegantly executed.

A conventional cabin boat or traditional day cruiser has other advantages. With social areas, berths, toilet, kitchen and sun beds they offer a comfort that ordinary RIBs don’t. The simple idea at Agapi was to combine the benefits from these two worlds. Then add a little bit of ingenuity in terms of demanding a low weight construction while still extremely strong and resistant to meet high performance requirements.

This puts a demand on material choice and explains the use of carbon fiber. The benefit with low weight is two fold, on one hand superior fuel economy, where Agapi has probably the best environmental impact/performance ratio in the industry. For us, a must, since we no longer can accept burning tons of fuel at sea. We believe that we are not alone on this quest and more will follow. On the other hand, low weight makes our boats easier to handle and trailer-able. The trailer in turn, not only brings along an amazing liberating mobility to explore new exciting waters but it helps bring maintenance costs down by simply storing the boat on land when not in use. Happy wallet since docking costs are often quite expensive. There is also an environmental aspect to this too. Land storage makes poisonous hull paint unnecessary.

It is well known that a modern RIB is both easier to handle and more sea worthy in all kinds of weather than conventional boats. Since safety should always be first priority at sea, this is not a small thing. The tubes not only make for a smoother ride but they are extremely generous when docking without being embarrassed. RIBs are extremely easy to handle and everyone on an Agapi should be able handle it. A RIB is amazingly easy to load on a trailer so you can hit the road in search of a new ramp and new waters. Probably, what we love the most of our concept!

What’s so special about our concept? www.agapi.club

On 2010 we decided to challenge the traditional way of thinking boats and boating. As the development of premium SUV’s in the car industry, we also believe in a type of boat where outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, intelligent Swedish design and a unique versatility creates the base for a similar development within the boating industry.

But not only the boats need to be looked into and modernized, the whole Ecosystem around boating must change too. Agapi’s ownership solutions and its modern shared-economy based solution, Agapi Club, offers a worry-free boating life and opens up for new possibilities for both the new generation of boaters and for existing boat owners.

Agapi Club offers  a unique possibility to have one of Europes most celebrated boats without buying it. Agapi Club will forever change the way you think around boating. Before, every boater needed to cope with expensive, time consuming, exhausting and boring duties that go hand in hand with traditional boating. With Agapi Club the only thing you need to decide is when to go boating. In Agapi Club your boat is never farther away than your smart phone. It doesn’t matter if you’d rather own your own boat or choose to have a membership. Agapi Club offers attractive solutions for both owners and members as well as private individuals and businesses. www.agapi.club

Agapi is a family tool that glues us together as well as a life power infuser when we take it out with friends. A unique boat should of course offer unique services and Agapi does. Our boating concept springs out of our thoughts about freedom, comfort and effortlessness. If the boat is the key, the boating concept is a lot of exciting doors to be opened. Welcome into our world and the Agapi way of boating!

Alejandra Levinas Asplund
Co-founder and owner