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Ownership Solutions

Agapi is more than just owning a boat. Agapi shifts the focus in boating to experiencing and enjoying and we’re not alone. Today we share this emphasis with more demanding new generation of boaters. It should be simple and liberating to have a boat. And it should be relaxing and fun! We offer:

  • Conventional boat sales
  • Shared ownership
  • Agapi Club

So, whether you choose to own your own Agapi, our leasing or financing solutions, become a member of our Agapi Club or be a part-owner, we’ll take care of your berth, maintenance, insurance and other obligations. We’ll also make sure that other partner-owners and anyone making use of your boat will do so in a responsible way.

We’ve also introduced the opportunity to invest in Agapi boats that are used for charter, combining the wonderful boating opportunities Agapi has to offer with an attractive investment upside when not using the boat.


Forget hull painting, chasing for mooring or anything related to maintenance, owning a boat should be fun and worry-free! This is why we created Agapi Services Solutions, ranging from individual services to an “All-Inclusive” package taking care of your boat. Agapi Services Solutions offers customers maximum freedom and time on the water and covers essentials like maintenance, service, winter storage, insurance and financing.

You choose exactly the level of service that suits you best. We tailor both financial and practical arrangements for individuals and businesses. Boat ownership couldn’t be easier.

How would you like your boating life to look? Let us help you make it happen. Contact us at info@agapiboating.com