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Agapi Club. Hassle-free boating life

Written at January 22, 2016

Experience a unique hassle-free boating life. Now without owning and maintenance.

Once again, Agapi is at the forefront of innovative solutions for modern boating. First step is a safe, comfortable and easy to handle, family oriented boat combined with an outstanding performance. At launch it redefined what demanding boaters could expect from a boat today. Having received the nomination for “Best of Boats International Award 2015 – Category Best for Fun”, the Agapi 950, and “Boat of the Year 2013 – People’s choice” for Agapi 750, the boat concept is already known for creating a hybrid boating experience. The demand for a versatile, fun and easy to handle, sporty performance boat is now growing on all markets.


The natural evolution is a second step. That is enjoying the versatile boating without traditional owning and maintenance tasks. Having access to the boat and boating experience you are familiar with on other markets than your own home waters. Our Agapi 950, 750 and 800 are the perfect fit for a shared economy boating set-up. Easy to handle and easy maintenance deliver more time on water. Agapi Club is a unique hassle-free membership club that offers you the opportunity to be at sea as much as you want. After a successful test bed in Sweden during 2015 we now launch our Club concept worldwide market by market. The concept is based on simple booking routines and a strong focus on enjoying.


’Agapi Club gives me what I dreamt of: enjoy fully boating in Stockholm’s archipelago without the usual constraints associated to owning a boat. And add to that a season that started early April and ended with a week-end in Sandhamn in December.’ Frédéric Aron, Agapi Club customer since 2014.

Agapi Club offers:

  • Acces to an Agapi boat.
  • Monthly fee and two year membership contract.
  • For private customers and companies.
  • Simple booking rules and routines.
  • Access to Agapi Club in other boating destinations.
  • Includes mooring, winter storage, service and insurance.
  • Also, rent a trailer and take the boat to new waters!


Agapi always focus on boating and user experience. The evolvement of services to experiencing and enjoying boating without owning and maintaining is a natural and prioritized extension. We are not alone. Today we share this view with more demanding boaters all over the world. It should be simple and liberating to have a boat. And it should be relaxing and fun! With every new club member the possibilities will increase.


’We constantly challenge ourselves on how we can make boating easier and more fun in order to find solutions where we can offer customers the opportunity to increase their time out at sea. We who love boats want to be out there, not stuck up there on land. We truly believe there is a movement towards non-traditional forms of having and using a boat. This puts new demands on the boat retail industry. From selling to those prepared to own and maintain, to service demands from those who wants the experience and joy, but without owning. Boaters will always want to have access to the unique freedom that only boating can deliver, and a growing number of us want to also enjoy boating outside our home waters. Agapi is created to be in the forefront for demanding boaters and their needs. This is the reason why we have developed the ownership and lifestyle solutions we now launch.’ Alejandra Levinas Asplund, owner and co-founder of Agapi Boating.


Agapi is convinced the future requires a new kind of boat as well as new ways of owner set-ups where elements like freedom, simplicity, safety, fuel consumption, mobility and cost efficiency play a much bigger role. A new boating generation is emerging with a love for the sea which is as deep as ever, but refusal to accept the time consumption, unpredictable costs and the hassle related to conventional boat owning. Now these boaters have an option with predictable costs, maximal time on water and world wide flexibility – a worry-free boating life with Agapi Club.