Agapi Routes is our way to share ours and our members favourite spots. We collect great places and share them. We know about the true dream locations regardless if we are in Stockholm, Mallorca or Cannes for example. We also know the places to stay in Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como, Lago di Garda, Canal de Midi, Antibes, Norwegian Fjords and many more places. We want to share our favourite places with you and Agapi Routes is our way of doing this. Join the Agapi Family and not only you will become part of this experience but you can also contribute with your own favourite route so that we can create together the coolest compilation ever of dream boating destination! We have a cooperation with Seapilot which is great for sharing and downloading routes directly to your sea chart. In Spain however we are currently using Navionics until Seapilot releases the Spanish charts. Welcome to join a unique boating adventure and explore new waters with us in an easy fun and safe way. Here an example of two of our favourite Agapi Routes.



















Base harbour: All Stockholm harbours Route proposal: Lokobbarna, 40″ n.m miles from City. Approx 160 liters of fuel both ways (950) or 100 liters (750/800). Key information: One of the “musts” and most precious locations in the Stockholm archipelago. Recommended for more experienced captains and ideally with good weather conditions. Winds Very well protected once you are inside the lagoon. If heavy easter winds, it might be tricky to enter. You have to be careful but you can actually see the stones. Anchor conditions: Great. There are plenty of places to anchor and the boat is well protected. Things to see: The gorgeous outer part of the Archipelago. Location: Route available on Agapi’s shared DropBox “Agapi Routes”. Download it directly to your chart in Seapilot.



Base harbour: Cala Nova. Route proposal: Cala Beltran, 17″ n.m miles from Cala Nova. Approx 70 liters of fuel both ways (950) or 40 liters (750/800). Key information: A gorgeous location where you can spend the whole day. Early birds get to anchor deep inside the Cala where is most protected. Perfect for cliff jumping or just being. No restaurants just wild life. Bring plenty of water and snorkling gear! Winds Very well protected BUT the swell can cause problems if not properly anchored. If winds from southeast, the afternoon return can be a little bit bumpy so the boat’s RIB advantages can be fun to test in quite choppy waters…. Anchor conditions: In this Cala you need to be careful. Proper planning and two good anchors are a must. The anchors must be placed safe by hand, there is not enough distance for “normal” anchoring, you need to dive and really make sure the anchors are in a good position. Two active crew members is a must if really windy. Things to see: Go close to the rocky shore on the way to this Cala and there are nice caves and scenery. Location: See photos from Navionics Europe. Route available on Agapi’s shared Dropbox. Download it to your chart in Seapilot.



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