Agapi Boat Club partners with Sailsense Analytics to digitize their fleet operations and increase their customer safety on board!

Sweden based European boat club Agapi announces a strategic partnership with Belgian tech-company Sailsense Analytics and the deployment of Sailsense’s smart boat technology across the entire Agapi boat fleet.

In addition to improving the comfort and safety of the people onboard, this technical investment will allow Agapi to streamline the management of their fleet, maximize boat availability and eventually improve the quality of their service for the club-members.

By using Sailsense, Agapi is taking another step towards better understanding on how their boats are being used on a daily basis. Agapi will monitor its entire fleet remotely and will be informed of abnormal situations like low battery alerts, engine breakdowns or dangerous zones and will be able to act proactively if anything happens.

A strategic investment to support Agapi’s growth ambitions. 

” We are extremely data driven in all our operations and a detailed, constant analysis of the usage of the boats is a must to optimize both a superior boat availability as well as a premium service to our members. The new software will help us optimize the maintenance of the fleet and give us the ability to act in a preventive way, and by that, secure a minimum down-time of the boats. The integration of Sailsense’s software is a major milestone in our technology road-map and together, we will continue our journey towards a better, smarter and more sustainable boating life” – Peder Asplund, CEO and co-founder of Agapi.

Yannick Vereerstraeten, Sailsense Analytic’s Co-founder, emphasizes on the recent changes within the industry, “Agapi and Sailsense share the same vision when it comes to making boating easier, safer and more accessible for everyone. We are proud to support Agapi towards smarter boating and to give them the digital tools they need to expand their business.


About Sailsense Analytics
Sailsense Analytics was founded in 2017 by Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraeten, two sailing enthusiasts who successfully juggled working careers in major groups. Sailsense offers a variety of digital services for the boating world such as boat monitoring, fleet management solutions and a set of tools to manage boat maintenance more efficiently.

With several hundreds of boats equipped around the world, Sailsense Analytics is at the forefront of intelligent boat monitoring. By making the data useful and clear, their constant innovation in this groundbreaking field position them as a key leader in smart boating technologies

About Agapi
Agapi Boat Club is the membership club that enables members to have, not only the best boats in each category, but also exciting accessories such as jet-skis, electric surfboards, tubes and waterskis. All of which in the most attractive harbors worldwide and with one single membership, thus becoming the most complete solution for boaters seeking a premium and worry-free boating life. Agapi enables more premium boating in a smarter and more sustainable way than anyone else.

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