Agapi Club Center
Biskopsuddens Marina
Agapi 950, Agapi 800
Biskopsvägen 7, 11521 Stockholm
Services offered in this center
Agapi 950, Agapi 800

The boats are placed on a private berth and easy accessible.

At Fjäderholmarna, a few minutes boat ride from Biskopsudden. The best one is OKQ8 in Islingeviken, Lidingö (close to the bridge). This is one of few sea fueling stations where you get the same fuel price as on land.

Biskopsuddens Marina hosts Agapi’s headquarters. It is located where the lush green Djurgården meets the Stockholm outlet and it has a solid history that leads back to the early 1900s when the Royal Swedish Yacht Club had its port here on Biskopsudden. The marina has a mix of leisure boats and yachts and is filled with popular walking paths. Both locals and tourists are happy to visit the marina for its fantastic view and its surroundings.

Club members have access to a private parking lot directly by the pier. Other guests to the harbor can use the public parking also close to the pier.

Closest is a tour around Djurgården with the stunning beautiful architecture of Stockholm. Within an hour you can reach the typical Stockholm Archipelago with thousands of islands and many cozy harbors and restaurants to choose from to relax at.

When ice free, usually from April to December.

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