Agapi Club – Successful premium Boating Club in Calanova.

Now we expand our membership service to Porto Cristo on the eastern side of Mallorca!

We pride ourselves with having the perfect solution that enables busy and active people to have a high performance boat, always accessible on demand.

With a simplistic membership model, we cover both everyday boating and more exotic excursions with access to all our centers in Mallorca as well as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki.

“Agapi Club has un unmatched level of lifestyle offer for all boating interested people in Mallorca. Establishing Agapi Club in Porto Cristo is perfect. This is a part of Mallorca filled both with active people and wonderful waters and “calas”. Agapi Club and its concept is really the future way of boating since it brings completely new possibilities for both boaters and modern marinas. We have more than 25 years of experience, are partners to several of the biggest shipyards in the world and we are truly happy to add the Agapi concept to our partner pallet.’’

Jaime Vaquer, CEO at Jaume Vermell Nautica in Porto Cristo.

Agapi Club

Agapi is a Swedish boating company founded 2006 that in 2010 launched a completely new boat concept based on the combination of a high-performance, lightweight RIB, and family cabin boat.

Combining rough handling with aesthetics, performance with fuel efficiency and fun with family it was quickly recognized as the most versatile boat on the market. It has since its introduction won several national and international awards.

In 2017, Agapi Club was commercially launched after two years of pilot testing. Giving you as a club member the access to a boat you are familiar with, and love in several places around the world.

Booking made super easy

Any member can book a boat anywhere in just a few clicks on the smartphone or laptop. It is like having a boat of your own without all the hassle and downsides of owning.

In Mallorca, the demand for concierge services and tough salt environment add to our service concept. The boats always shipshape, ready at the dock even prepared with lunch for the day if so wanted.

“We have had a great response with Agapi Club, even though it creates a whole new way of thinking about how to have a boat. Agapi Club is not pooling, not renting or not just any boat. Agapi Club is the way to have a boat you know as yours without owning it. It is all the positives without the negatives.’’ 

Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi


Agapi Club Calanova
Agapi Boating SL
Port Calanova, Avinguda de Joan Miro 327 07015 Palma de Mallorca
Stefan Roslund
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +34 69 378 9849

Agapi Club Porto Cristo
Jaume Vermell Náutica SL
Puerto 126, 07680 Porto Cristo
Jaime Vaquer
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +34 64 940 6094

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