PRESS RELEASE – Stockholm May 20, 2020

Agapi Boat Club is the premium subscription service that provides members with access to more than owning a boat can give. Now adding the Rand electric Mana 23 to our fleet of internationally awarded Agapi 950 and 800 and Saxdor – Europe’s latest sports boat brand. Premium locations and exclusive boating in one single membership. Now also electric. Changing the boating world forever.

Subscription services are the answer to the world’s need for more sustainable business models. The addition of e-power boats to the Club fleet re-enforces and is one more step towards Agapi’s mission in sustainable boating for smart and modern boaters.

Sweden’s premium Boat Club continues to be at the forefront of the subscription market. Agapi now also introduces e-powered boats, thus reinforcing its mission in sustainable boating.

The Mana 23 Electric from the Danish brand Rand Boats is the first electric boat to join the Agapi fleet, launching in July 2020. This stunning, modern boat boasts a comfortable cruising speed and hours of range. Starting in one of the most sustainable cities in world, Stockholm, we aim to offer an electric alternative in each of our centers during 2021.

“I love the combination of the ease of handling of e-powered boats with the sound of silence when cruising on the water. We are thrilled to welcome Rand to the Agapi family of boats and to join our quest to make boating more sustainable for all,” says Alejandra Levinas Asplund, Co-founder of Agapi.

The introduction of this 23-foot boat perfectly meets the needs of both our Club and our customers. Our data showed clearly that approximately 25% of the 1,800 trips made by our members in 2019 were “just around the corner” – that is, within 10–15 n.m of range.

“The electric Mana 23 is a perfect complement to our existing fleet. It fits our ambition to always let members decide which boat to go out with, based on the destination and specific boating need for the outing. We believe that the Mana 23, with its modern design and generous space for up to 10 people, will be a very popular choice for shorter trips,” says Stefan Höglund, Head of sales at Agapi Boat Club.

“Danish Rand’s vision and the new Mana 23, is totally in line with Agapi’s own vision to offer sustainable boating to the modern boater. Our focus and main criteria when selecting boat brands for our Club fleet are design, quality and performance – and you see that in our Agapi Boats and the new Saxdor models,” says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi.

“For this new line of e-powered boats, we are defining performance rather differently. In electric, we focus on boats that offer a smooth ride at a pleasant cruising speed combined with a long range, because this is exactly what a lot of members want. But for those who prefer to feel the excitement of speed as they enjoy the outer archipelago, then we will always offer our high-performance boats. This is what we call “Freedom of Choice” and it’s at the very core of Agapi’s purpose,” says a smiling Asplund.

During 2020, Agapi will closely monitor and assess the introduction of e-power to our fleet. The company will regularly collect members’ feedback, while ensuring that all operational and end-user aspects and routines, such as charging stations, run smoothly before increasing volumes towards 2021.

“Our long-term vision is that all our locations worldwide will have an electric boat choice and, over time, the proportion of electric boats will grow as the technical development continues. We believe that subscription based services, such as boat clubs, are one of the key ways in which electric boats will grow and reach the private boater in the future. It is not easy for consumers to enjoy the benefits of both traditional and electric boats, but Club members do!” continues Asplund.

Rand was established seven years ago by Danish architect Carl Kai Rand who, just like Agapi, focuses on smart Scandinavian design. As a result, the boats are a paragon of simple yet modern style. Rand is one of the leading producers of electrically propelled models with a sustainable focus, end-to-end. From foam kernels made of recycled plastic bottles, to bio-based hybrid materials, to decks and tables made of sustainably-forested wood, Rand combines a sustainable approach with high-tech electrical propulsion.

“We are very pleased with this new cooperation with Agapi. They have a world leading knowledge in operating premium boat sharing club and their members boating habits. Agapi also share our core values taking boating into a paradigm shift both in terms of the actual technology introducing electrical propulsion, as well as the amazing impact shared economy has on sustainability. Just by using the boats much more intelligently in the club, Agapi members are reducing the ecological footprint with up to 90% which is amazing”. Says Carl Kai Rand, owner and CEO of Rand Boats.

For more information contact Peder Asplund, +46706330000.

For more information about Rand Boats, please visit their website or contact RAND +4531513030.

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