Agapi Club – Stockholmers are nothing if not tribal.

From the boutiques of Östermalm to the businesses of Norrmalm, the hipster hangouts of Södermalm, and the spacious nature of Nacka, the tribes of Stockholm each have their place where they feel most at home. Even casual visitors notice the differences in style and temperament as they move around this not-so-big city.

Agapi Club – Viggbyholm and Saltsjöbaden

Now, Agapi Club is making it easier for Stockholm’s boaters to set sail from a marina they can call home, by opening up two new ports – in Viggbyholm and Saltsjöbaden – in addition to our central port at Biskopsudden on Djurgården.

Of course, we’re just joking about keeping people separate. Agapi’s ultimate dream is to build a worldwide boating community where people can enjoy the boating life wherever they go. Our real aim with these new ports is to make the sprawling Stockholm waterways more accessible than ever before.

For folks who have never been to Stockholm, it’s hard to describe just how much of it is made of water, and just how important that water is to the nature of the town and its people. It’s a complex, beautiful patchwork of land, sea, and lake – and it’s never that easy to know if you’re standing on mainland or island. The pathways in, out, and around the archipelago are seemingly infinite.

Agapi Club Biskopsudden

The original Agapi Club port at Biskopsudden is a great location, letting people start their journeys from the center of the city. But with these two new locations, we now give our members even more flexibility.

In Viggbyholm, our boats will nestle in one of the most accessible marinas in northern Stockholm, Täby Varv. It’s super convenient, no more than 15 minutes by car from Täby, Danderyd, and Sollentuna, with free parking at the marina. From the dock, it’s just 30 nautical miles to Sandham, making it a perfect starting point for trips to the inner and outer archipelago – and all the great eating and entertaining spots the area holds.

To the south, at Saltsjöbaden, our club has secured a prime position at the KSSS jetty, just below the spectacular Grand Hotel. Saltsjöbaden’s elegant harbor and its proximity to the southern archipelago and the coastline make it a perfect place to start your next adventure… or just soak up the scenery.

Agapi was born in Stockholm, and although we’ve seen the world and we have traveled in our blood, there’s still something special about our local waters. The conditions here are in the DNA of our boats. And our love of the archipelago is part of what drives our vision of making boating more accessible to everyone.

It’s a long, dark winter, but our thoughts are always offshore, and our boats are ready to take to the water whenever the gods allow it. If you live in Stockholm or ever get the chance to visit it, you’ll know exactly what we mean – and we can’t wait to see you at sea.

Read more about Agapi Club or secure your spot here.

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