A boat for every need

Agapi Boat Club’s vision is to become the leading player in the growing segment of the sharing economy for premium motor boats in the sizes of 6–12 meters. Agapi’s fleet includes boats with a focus on performance, design and smart functionalities for the modern boater. Our boats are especially chosen to fit our Club’s purpose and members’ needs. We work with the best brands in the main boat segments: Family sport, RIB, All-round and E-power.

Agapi Boat Club categories

Boat models category A: Saxdor 200, Anytec 21 and Ring 680
Boat models category B (includes category A): Agapi 800, Anytec 27 and Mana 23
Boat models category C (includes category A and B): Agapi 950, Saxdor 320 and Anytec 27-C

For specific information on which boat models are available in each Agapi Centre or Harbour please click here.

Experts say

Agapi Boat Club boats’ are regularly tested by leading international boating media, digital sites and other lifestyle magazines.

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