An intelligent and modern Swedish design has created a unique boat with an extraordinary seaworthiness, large social areas and all the comfort needed for your boating outings. Comes with single or twin engines.

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Best of Boats Finalist

Best of Boats (BOB) International Awards 2015, Category Fun, finalist among 200 tested boats worldwide.

Technical specification

Agapi 950 main features

Length with inflated tubes 10 m
Width with inflated tubes 3,06 m
Draft with titled engine 0,45 m
Tube diameter front 300 mm
Tube diameter aft 550 mm
Water tank 90 liters
Weight excl engine from 2200 kg
Top speed 55 knots

Outboard single engine

Recommended max hp 350 hp
Fuel tank 300-480 liters
Weight incl engine & trailer from 3100 kg

Outboard twin engine

Recommended max hp 2 x 300 hp
Fuel tank 2 x 240 liters
Weight incl engine & trailer from 3400 kg

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