Swedish Design by Håkan Södergren & OAXS Design

Agapi boats have been carefully thought-through, and the result is a series of unique and award-winning boats, created by intelligent Swedish design in every detail.
Håkan Södergren is the creator of Agapi’s hulls and between 2015-2017 he has has been Agapi Boating’s head designer in cooperation with OAXS Design. Håkan Södergren is one of Scandinavia’s most experienced yacht designers and a well-known designer internationally of high performance cruisers as well as a number of family powerboats for the Scandinavian market.

“To construct the hull to the AGAPI 750, 800 and 950 has been an inspiring task being AGAPI one of the leading players of RIB boats with a modern approach to boating. The hull we have developed is a step into the future with expected low operating costs and excellent seaworthiness and comfortable ride for the crew”.Says Södergren.

Manufacturing by Delphia Yachts

Agapi’s production partner is Delphia Yachts. Delphia unites a variety of passionate people sharing the same idea: “Our yachts are the simplest way to bring passion to life, designed in adherence to nautical standards developed over countless years and built using technologies to ensure uncompromising strength by master craftsmen. We place our focus on sailing properties, production technologies and ergonomic design.”

The Delphia Yachts shipyard was founded in 1990 by brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot. Delphia has over 25 years of dedication and they have built one of the largest shipyards in Central Eastern Europe.Over the years, Delphia has manufactured over 20,000 vessels for oceangoing, seagoing and inland use. Developed over 30 models and created their own marina. The company has also introduced a range of their own models perfect for seas and oceans, Delphia and Escape.

Demand for Delphia’s boats have been steadily increasing year by year. Today, Delphia has extended their activities across European markets going further to the USA and Canada, Russia, Japan, China and Australia. Today 95% of their total production is exported.

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