Agapi Center Biskopsudden

Biskopsudden Marina is our headquarters in the middle of Stockholm, giving you direct access to the world’s most beautiful archipelago and Mälaren within easy reach.

*The number of members per port is limited. Book your place today and decide later.

Hyra eller leasa båt

Boating by Subscription

Now you can have your own boat without having to own it

Biskopsudden Marina is the ideal Agapi Center for those who live in central Stockholm. Here you can offer you car parking and your Agapi boat easily accessible whenever you want. And shortly, one of Stockholm’s best restaurants will open here! This harbor is the perfect springboard for outings to the world’s most beautiful Archipelago, with stops at Grinda or Waxholm Castle. Agapi Club is your new way to have a boat in your daily life. Agapi Club offers you access to a boating life without any hassle or the time-consuming duties that accompany ownership. Become a member and you will have your Agapi boat always ready to go!

Online booking

All your time will be time at sea. The urge to go boating can strike at any time – so never let it slip by. Whatever the time, wherever you are, our booking system is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Boat in multiple locations

You start by choosing your home harbor. A membership in Agapi Club gives you unlimited access to our boats not only in your home region, but also in any of our Agapi Centers.

Always ready
to go!

Agapi Club makes life easier.
We take care of summer berth, winter storage, service, boat wash, insurance and all other hassle you can imagine. Easier if you want access to a great boat but not the burdens of owning it.

Sharing the love of boating

Agapi Club gives you a longer boating season. Agapi means more boating, less money. More fun, less work. Your task is to book the boat and enjoy. Become a member today and go boating tomorrow!

Words from our members

Shared happiness is double happiness

Agapi is an old Greek word for love. That’s right, we named our business for our love of the sea, our love of boating, and our love of life, nature and adventure. Agapi Club opens up completely new possibilities for those who want to enjoy a boating life without the limitations or ”musts” that usually go hand in hand with traditional boating. Thanks to our large fleet of Club boats, we can offer unbeatable availability to our members. But we don’t stop here, we go way beyond that. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise. As a Club member you get regular “tips and tricks”, training for you and your family, routes to amazing destinations and the opportunity to be part of a network of like-minded boaters.

One boat, six harbors and three seas

It is almost overwhelming when you realize that a membership in Agapi Club and from Biskopsuddens’s Marina you get access to 30,000 islands around Stockholm, the Swedish West Coast, the archipelago of Åland and Finland and the beautiful Calas in Palma de Mallorca. All with one membership. How is that possible? Subscription boating is the answer!

How do I go boating where I’ve never been before? Agapi Club gives you access to multiple locations with a boat you are totally familiar with so you only need to focus on exploring new waters. And this where Agapi Routes come in, a membership gives you access to routes and places carefully selected places and loaded up with plenty of highlights.

Our Agapi Centers

Available to all Agapi Club members

Vill du ha ett Agapi center närmare där du bor? Kontakta oss och berätta: [email protected]

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