Your task is to enjoy boating! Leave all the hassle to us.
Become a member and get a new boat every year to less cost than owning.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.
Easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Book your boat online

3. Go boating!

Fill in our contact form and an Agapi representative will contact you within 24 hours. We will help you to choose the membership that best accommodates to your boating needs and will guide you through everything you need to know about our Club membership, the routines and our boats. The membership fee is paid annually and it includes everything except fuel.

Sunny day? Login to our app and book a boat that is available. Although there is no limitation on the number of days you can go boating, the amount of bookings that you can have active at the same time differs between membership levels. Read more about our booking rules further down.

Once in the boat, you login to our app and do a brief check-in. You can expect to find your boat in top condition. Our routines are always the same independently of boat model or location.

According to our fueling policy you should always leave the boat with at least 50% fuel. But what if you just go out for a short trip somewhere close and don’t have the chance to pass by a gas station? No problem. Our app can track how much fuel you have consumed and how much you have filled up in your “fuel account”. Going out for dinner without refueling will decrease your fuel account balance and you can fill up some more next time you go out. Don’t like to think about fueling ever? Then think back to the last time you visited a gas station and consider it your last! Subscribe to our “Fueling Service” and you are free to return the boat at any fuel level and we will fill it up for you.

Being a member in the Club allows you to enjoy all the upsides with boating without having to deal with the hassle of ownership and maintenance. And this to a fraction of the cost of owning your own boat. Memberships range from 50.000 SEK – 150.000 SEK per year including service, insurance, summer berth and winter storage, and of course, unlimited number of boating days. Link to price list

Sometimes things do not go as planned and accidents can happen, could be that you hit a rock or damage the boat in some way. As long as you and your crew are safe we are happy, the rest can be fixed! As an Agapi Club member you are always fully insured. We have cooperations with local rescue services in all locations if you need help getting back to the shore, and our own service team will take care of fixing the boat. We have clear routines on this that are part of the onboarding training when you become a member.

This is probably our biggest communicative challenge! But once you understand our booking rules you realize it is actually pretty simple!

To start with, we want you to know that you can always use the boat an unlimited number of days independently to which membership level you’ve chosen. “Spontaneous booking” is also included in all membership levels and allows you to always book a boat within 48 hours of departure.

One of the main differences between the memberships is the number of “Yearly Tokens”, which determine how many bookings you can have active in the calendar at the same time.

For example, if you choose a membership level that includes two (2) Yearly Tokens, you will be able to use the first Yearly Token to make a reservation for one day, say in two weeks from now. Then you can also use your second Yearly Token to book the boat another day in for example three weeks from now. At this point you cannot do any more bookings as you have activated your two (2) Yearly Tokens that are included in your membership. But as soon as you use and check-out from your trip, or in case you cancel any of your two bookings, you are entitled to re-use your Yearly Tokens for new reservations.

Last but not least, you have unlimited number of “Spontaneous bookings” but you are only allowed to have one (1) “Spontaneous booking” at a time active in your calendar. Once used and checked-out from the boat trip, or in case you cancel the booking, you are entitled to re-use your “Spontaneous booking”.

If you want to have more active bookings at one point in time than what is possible with Spontaneous Booking plus your Yearly Tokens, you can buy separate “One-time Tokens” for these occasion.

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