There are two major differences between Sweden and Mallorca. One being the cost of mooring where Mallorca is very expensive. A mooring in a nice marina in Mallorca costs +150.000 EUR to buy and monthly fees of +1.500 EUR is common. In addition to this the boats need to be cleaned much more frequently and thoroughly due to the high levels of salt in the Mediterranean.

All Agapi Club boats are equipped with all the relevant equipment for its specific country. In Sweden for example, all boats are equipped with heater, full canvas, four life jackets, and all required boat accessories.  

You do the check-in and check-out through the booking system in your smartphone or tablet once you are in the boat. All steps, and all information you need about the boat, is in the application and the procedure of checking in or out takes less than a minute.

No, this is an exclusive membership club based on a high level of responsibility. Once you sign the contract, you will be given a thorough introduction of the boat and all routines. But, if you feel a bit rusty or would like some extra training, we can of course help you out with that on demand for an extra cost.  

We have a software booking system where you can book all boats in all regions, as well as do check-in when you get to the boat, and check-out when you return it. It is very easy to learn and we will guide you to master the process so that booking a boat will take less than 30 seconds of your time.

Technically that is possible (by buying enough One-time Tokens) but it is not what the Club is meant for. If you want a boat only for yourself during a longer period of time we suggest you buy one and then let us manage it in the Club when you are not using it. This will be a more cost-efficient and sustainable set-up for you than buying your own boat in a traditional way without the benefits of sharing.

When you sign up for a membership, you also choose what region you want as your Home Region. In this region you can use all the boats included in your membership level as much as you want (in accordance with booking rules) without any additional cost. If you want to use boats in other regions you can do that as well, either by buying “One-time Tokens” for each occasion of buy adding Multi Region in your membership to get free access to all boats in all regions.

We can not guarantee you any specific number of secured booking days. However, and this is important, our ambition is to never say no. Our number one priority is to make our members happy and that of course includes good availability of our boats. After two years of trying the concept, and by adding many boats to each center, the likelihood of ”all boats busy” is small. If you really want to be sure to get a boat on a specific day, the golden rule is to book as early as possible.