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Agapi Boat Club is revolutionizing boat ownership

Exclusive boating now available to everyone

Multifunctional boats, the sharing economy, sustainability thinking and international cooperation all combined to make boat enthusiasts the winners. In the past, boaters had to choose between space or fun, performance or the environment, owning or sharing. Agapi’s new solution delivers both – and a little more – as Agapi launches its collaboration with new Finnish brand Saxdor at the Stockholm International Boat Show. And with electric boats next in turn, Agapi Boat Club has brought Freedom of Choice to the boat industry.

The sharing economy has already shaken up old ideas about housing, cars, tools – and now boats too.

Private boats are used on average 17 hours a year. That is a lot of capital tied up in plastic in marinas worldwide. But if more people can share a boat, and yet never be without a boat, the equation improves. Making it work, though, requires a more versatile multi-purpose boat, and this was the first thing Agapi had to solve. That, in turn, allowed the company to focus on another challenge – boating’s ecological footprint. Boating the Agapi way reduces environmental impact by up to 90 percent, partly because fewer boats need to be manufactured.

“Our thoughts on simpler and freer boating are refined through input from our customers. That’s how we can achieve the future of boating today,” says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi Boat Club, a growth company that combines a passion for the sea, digital software, innovative boat development and the sharing economy to take boating to new levels.

Agapi Boat Club has membership as its hub. You choose between being a member without owning a boat or owning a boat as a member. Agapi is now expanding and deepening the opportunities for everyone with a new product portfolio featuring annual memberships ranging from EUR 500 to 20,000 giving access to boats in four countries and 10 ports – and counting. The interest from customers is high and the same applies to the growth rate for the number of Agapi ports.

  • Agapi Boat Club gives most people, both private individuals and companies, the opportunity to always pick the right boat for their needs. Our boats come in different sizes, either carefully selected or self-produced.
  • Everyone chooses membership type, boat model, access, port, and service level according to their specific needs. Today, Stockholm and Palma are our largest centres, but others are growing rapidly.
  • “Freedom of choice and value for money have real meaning for us. What we do is radically changing the boat industry,” says Peder Asplund.

As a member of the Agapi Boat Club, each member customizes their boat ownership and pays only for what they use. The cost is a fraction of owning, yet the possibility of not being locked into one specific boat, accessing a jet ski or a Seabob for a day trip, and having a boat in several places in the world opens up a completely new way of boating.

Agapi Boat Club’s own boats are now complemented with boat models from the new Finnish brand Saxdor. The Saxdor boats are created by Sakari Mattila, who built up world-famous Axopar, where he was the founder and chief designer. The first model to be released, the Saxdor 200, is an innovative entry-level product that combines the jetski’s playful ride with the ease of use of a small open boat.

– Saxdor fits Agapi Boat Club members perfectly. The new company thinks in a modern way with the new emerging boat user in focus. Modern design and high performance at a very competitive price.

– Not only will our members soon get to choose from all Saxdor models in our fleet, we will soon also introduce electric boats. It is difficult for most ordinary boat owners to have both electric boats and petrol-powered boats, but as a member of the Agapi Boat Club you can choose both.

For more information:
Peder Asplund, CEO
[email protected]
Tel: 070 633 0000

Agapi Boat Club has a growing fleet of premium boats of size 6 – 10 m, all equipped with the latest technology. The boats are developed by Saxdor and Agapi. Agapi Boat Club currently operates in four countries: Sweden, Finland, Greece, Mallorca with over 200 members and is present in 10 ports. Boats, accessories and training are tailor-made to suit everyone’s needs.

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