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Your boating life – Mattias Hargin

What does the boating life mean to you? Is it a break from the stresses of a busy life? Is it about getting closer to nature? Is it finding a community of kindred spirits? The rush of speeding across waves? Or the relaxation of drifting along a calming coastline? Recently, we’ve been checking in with several Agapi Club members to take the pulse of our community and find out why they head for the sea and how Agapi Club helps them live their best boating life. Today we meet Mattias Hargin.

Mattias Hargin grew up with boating in the Stockholm archipelago. After many years living abroad, his Agapi Club membership has opened up all the old possibilities anew.

“It’s the location that makes it so special,” he says. “Biskopsudden makes boating so accessible even in a busy life. It’s so close to the city, which means on summer evenings, or even just after lunch, I can get out on the water.”

Like many other members that we have spoken to, despite his love of boating, traditional ownership simply isn’t an option for Mattias. “For me, boating is just such a relaxed and calm way to wind down after working hard. But I travel a lot for work so subscription boating is the only realistic way I could have a boat. I just wouldn’t have the time for all the work that comes with owning one,” he says.

“Subscription makes it much easier and, as a traveller, the Agapi Club makes it possible for me to go boating in different harbours. There’s no way I could have my own boats in multiple harbours. I have just been in Palma and I plan to try out Gothenburg this summer.”

Mattias recently returned from a vacation in Palma, where he found that the Agapi Club advantage extended well beyond just the access. “There’s such great hospitality and tips from the staff there,” he says, noting the value that adds to his membership.

Clubs exist for their members, evolving and being shaped by the needs and tastes of the members. We love the community we are creating with the Agapi Club and we will always listen to what our members tell us is important to them. If you have an Agapi story to tell, or just want to shares you views on your subscription boating lifestyle, please do get in touch [email protected].

Mattias Hargin Home harbour: Biskopsudden. Mattias has used both Agapi 800 and 950 models but nowadays tends to favour the 950 for its comfort, ease of use, and wide range of possibilities.

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