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Your boating life – Peter Hencz

Agapi Club is growing fast, so we love to keep up to date with what our members want and what’s important to them. Today we check in with Peter Hencz to our what the boating life means to him.

Peter Hencz grew up with sail boats but had limited experience with power boats before joining the Agapi Club. For Peter, one of the great Agapi advantages has been access to a boating “personal trainer”, someone who helps take care of the members, helping with technique, updating on routes, and instilling a feeling of safety.

But one thing Peter was experienced in, from owning a boat a decade ago, was the maintenance – countless hours spent cleaning and fixing, getting the boat up and down, being on night watch, and all the other work of belonging to a harbour. For him, that commitment just wouldn’t be possible now.

“I’m living quite a hectic life,” he says, and his work simply wouldn’t leave the time to commit to a boat of his own. But having instant access to one not only solves the time equation for Peter, it also helps to recharge the energy that a busy life can drain away.

“Boating gets me back in touch with nature,” he says. “It’s very nice to make the connection with the outdoors and with the community at the harbour”.

Peter loves the friendship and great environment here, not to mention the excellent networking possible in such a big harbour. He has used the other Stockholm harbours and plans to try Palma when he can.

As valuable as boating is as a break from professional life, for Peter it’s also a great addition to his work. “I’ve often been able to take clients or my management team out on the water. From that perspective, my subscription is like an investment, not a cost,” he says.

As an early adopter, Peter is always on the lookout for new and better ways to do things, and for him, the subscription model makes perfect sense.

“Life happens so quickly now that we need convenience so we can spend more time with our families,” he says. “We need to find simple ways of having things without being too attached to them”.

What floats your boat? Is it convenience, flexibility, sustainability, or economics that drew you to subscription boating? Drop us a line someday so we can share your story too.

Caption Peter HenczHome harbour: Biskopsudden. Peter normally drives an Agapi 950 and loves the size of it. “I also recently tried the new Yamaha 425 model – it’s a beautiful boat and very economical. And as someone who’s interested in the environmental aspects, I’m looking forward to future electric engines”.

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