Welcome to Agapi Academy!

Agapi Academy is the educational part of Agapi, and we are constantly working on how to make the boat life safer, and fun for the Members. All members have been in contact with Agapi Academy when they started their membership. The three hour “Onboarding” is the first introduction to the Agapi world and is also a test that the member has enough skill and knowledge to drive the high potential Agapi boats in a safe and careful way.

Lars Weiler is the Head of Agapi Academy, responsible for both the education in Stockholm, and for coordinating the education in Agapi Centers worldwide to assure that the members get the same good start regardless if they have their home base in Mallorca, Helsinki or any other location.

Lars has been with Agapi since the start 2008, at that time driving charter boats. He is an experienced seaman and Captain with knowledge of a wide range of boats and ships, from RIB to Naval Torpedo Boats and big Sailing Yachts. Lars has crossed the Atlantic a couple of times and has apart from the Swedish certifications also an international Master of Yacht License. In the off-season Lars works with management consulting and recruitment.

The Team

The Agapi Academy team is a network of skilled captains/trainers and training partners, and we are present at the different Agapi locations. All trainers have a deep knowledge of the concept, the app and the boats and use a common roadmap and checklists to assure that all members get the same quality introduction and education, regardless of home base.

The Courses

1. Agapi Onboarding

This is the start of your Agapi life. A three-hour intense course, mandatory for all members and included in the membership. We use the main part of the time going through the boat, and practising driving skills, mooring, safety training etc. The last 30 minutes is a test with some basic safety questions and where the member will show the ability to handle the boat in a safe and careful way.

If more training is needed, we will make an individual and tailormade program together with the member, in order to come up to speed and achieve the necessary skills asap. This additional training is provided as PT-sessions, whereof the first two hours is included. See PT Sessions – Personal Training below.

2. International Certification for operators of Pleasure Craft – ICC

ICC or the Swedish Inshore Diploma (Förarintyg) is a prerequisite for driving the Agapi Boats and is also a legal requirement in many countries and places, e.g. Mallorca. It´s mainly a theoretical course where you learn about basic navigation and “traffic rules” at sea. The education can be done online, or as a two-day intense course provided by Agapi Partners – there is a special discount for Agapi Members.

3. Gold Driver

This course is specially targeted to members who have a “Gold Membership”. It´s a three-hour course where we’ll go deeper into the techniques using the plotter and if radar is available the basic handling of this is also included. We test the different water-toys, and discuss safety, techniques, speed and other issues with e.g. water-skis. Finally, we spend some time on individual training, where the member can improve their skills in different areas, e.g. mooring, anchor techniques, high speed driving, handling waves etc.

4. Archipelago Driver

When members get used to the boats and have explored the local area, they usually want to drive further and see new islands and places. The Archipelago Driver course gives you the tools to explore the archipelago in a safer way. We will e.g. discuss and do some training on:

  • Mooring to a rocky island
  • Weather forecast, how to think before you stay overnight
  • Fog! What to do, how to go…
  • The Agapi Routes and magic spots in the archipelago
  • Own thoughts and individual training

5. PT Sessions – Personal training

We start the session discussing what the needs are, and the goal of the training. A minimum session is two hours, but it can also be a half day accompany a family in the archipelago and giving some training and ideas how to improve the performance of the whole crew. The training is not limited to boat handling but can cover all aspects of seamanship from how to make different knots to planning a route and the do´s and don’ts arriving to a windy and busy guest harbour.

Price List

All prices include VAT.

  • Agapi Onboarding
    Included in all memberships at start (activation fee)
  • International Certification ICC
    Provided Via Partners
  • Gold Driver
    EUR 480
  • Archipelago Driver
    EUR 480
  • Upgrade training from Agapi 800 to 950 boat models
    EUR 320
  • PT Session, 2h
    EUR 320

Agenda Spring 2019 in Stockholm

In addition to the different courses above, we arrange member evenings at each location. For the members in Stockholm, our member evenings take place at our main harbour, Biskopsuddens Marina. Dates are not set, and invitations will be mailed separately.

April/May – Refresh your driving skills

After a long and cold winter, it´s time to get in shape, and brush off your driving skills before the summer!

The event takes place at Biskopsuddens Marina, and after a brief meeting and coffe at the dock we will enter the boats and do some practical drivers training. There will be a maximum of 4 members per boat, and everybody will drive and go through a guided hands-on program where we repeat some of the training from the onboarding course. This is also a great opportunity to get to know other members in the Agapi Family, and we´ll have fun!

The event cost EUR 100 pp, application & payment in advance. Recommended for all members.

May/Jun – Navigation Evening

This member Evening takes place at Fyrskeppet, Biskopsudden. We will serve some drinks and snacks and you will have the chance to mingle with other members in the Agapi Family. We will also present the Agapi Academy Crew and you will get some inspiration from somebody who has spent a lot of time in the Stockholm Archipelago, and knows all about it! We will also give you some hints and tricks about plotter navigation in general, and you will get a hands-on demonstration of the different Agapi plotters, with focus on the new 16-inch Garmin Plotter.

The event is free, application in advance. Recommended for all members.

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