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Your boating life – Jens Lapidus

Mallorca is boating paradise, if you can get on a boat. As one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Southern Europe, competition for space means high prices and long waits in Mallorca’s harbour facilities. But with Agapi Club, you don’t have to own a boat to use a boat. Today we hear from one of Mallorca-based members, Jens Lapidus, about his boating life.

For Agapi Club member Jens Lapidus, Calanova is home. Jens lives in Mallorca for most of the year, returning to Sweden for part of the northern summer. As much as he enjoys his Spanish lifestyle and the beauty of island life, he says “I would never want to own a boat in Mallorca”.

“But subscription means I don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintenance or anything. I’m not a very handy person. I actually do own a boat at my summer place in Sweden and it’s so much work.”

Subscription, for Jens is a form of freedom. Freedom from the work and time demands, freedom to explore the island from another perspective, and freedom to escape the crowds that cover the main beaches at peak season.

“With the boat, you can escape the crowds and find a quiet cove to swim and relax,” he says, noting that the clear water and sandy bottom make exploring these out-of-way places safe and simple.

Jens mostly uses the Agapi 950, whose extra size and power make it perfect for the open waters around Mallorca. «It’s just so nice with all the space, and the ability to convert the driver’s seat into a seat at the table. You can have everything you need to just stay on the boat.”

The freedom Jens enjoys depends on boats being available when he needs one. And according to him “the availability has been great”. In fact, he remembers only one day – when some unexpected good weather caused a rush on the boats – that he couldn’t get onboard exactly when he wanted. He missed the morning but was still at sea later in the day.

If you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear it. So get in touch today and tell us what the boating life means to you.

Jens Lapidus – Home harbour: Port Calanova. If you want an extra treat, says Jens, book ahead with the beach clubs like Cap Falco and Portal Vells. “They will pick you up in a dinghy, take you to shore for lunch, then drop you back to the boat later”.

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