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Prime locations. All included.
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What is Agapi Club?

Agapi Club is a unique membership Club that opens up completely new possibilities for those who want to enjoy a boating life without the limitations or ”musts” that usually go hand in hand with traditional boating. An Agapi Club membership runs for 12 months and you can subscribe at any time of the year. Join the future of boating today!

Agapi club

Now you can have a boat
without having to own it.
Prime locations, all included.

Agapi boats

The most versatile boats on the market.
Excellent performance, fuel efficient,
safe and easy to handle.

Agapi Club Center

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Hassle-free boating life
Services we offer



By becoming a member you get access to Agapi boats in prime harbours in multiple locations. An Agapi Club membership runs for 12 months and you can subscribe at any time of the year. We take care of all the work and hassle of owning a boat and we have several levels of memberships to meet diverse needs. Your task is to fully enjoy boating freedom. And yes, thanks to our membership concept, you only pay a fraction of the cost of owning the boat yourself!

Boat models

Hear directly from Agapi Club members

Boating at your fingertips

Agapi Club means that your Agapi boat is never farther away than your smart phone.
Login, book a day and go boating. As simple as that!

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