Your future as an Agapi Franchisee

Agapi’s future is bright and we want you on board to share it. The boating world is on the cusp of a massive transformation and this is your chance to take the helm and help us lead the change to something new, exciting, accessible, and sustainable.

The older generation of boaters are increasingly reluctant to spend the time and money maintaining a boat for never-enough days at sea. And the new generation lead busier, more connected lives – savvy enough to swap the commitment and cost of ownership for the flexibility and convenience of subscription. As an Agapi franchisee, you can hold the keys to new a boating lifestyle for both the old and new.

We believe that a love of boating goes hand in hand with a love of our natural environment. When you invest in an Agapi franchise, you invest in a sustainable boating future. If you share our belief, then you share the Agapi way. As a franchisee, you help get more people on the water, with less impact to the environment. Fewer resources used. Fewer boats sitting idle. And, as we start the move to electric propulsion, you can be an industry leader in your area, helping create a new generation of power boaters with a smaller environmental footprint than ever before.

If you believe the sharing economy is key to smarter, more sustainable, more accessible boating, then you’re the sort of person we want on the Agapi crew. And if you think in terms of relationships rather than sales, then you are one of us. Our members are our drive. Their voice informs our development, through the booking system and on the docks. Every time they use a boat, they rate the service and drive us on to better performance. When you become an Agapi franchisee, your relationship with members is less a responsibility, more an opportunity.

You think smart. You think digital. You live sustainably. You love people. You love the boating life. And you want to share it. You’re modern. And driven by quality. And fun. You are one of us.

Interested in starting an Agapi Boat Club Franchise?

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