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Agapi has a long and solid collaboration with Yamaha that goes all the way back to when Agapi was born, and the introduction of Yamaha’s iconic V8 of 350 hp in 2008. Agapi then decided to choose Yamaha as the main engine supplier for the boat fleet. Since then, over 140 units of V6/V8 engines have been successfully delivered and used in more than 10,000 boat trips. At Agapi, all user- and engine statistics are continuously analyzed, and it undoubtedly so that the engines show incredible quality and reliability.

Now adding the Finnmaster T-series to the fleet

With the introduction of Husky and Finnmaster in Agapi Boat Club, Agapi broadens its range. Current Agapi fleet boats Husky R6 and R7 are perfect small entry-level and family boats for day trips. Finnmaster T6, T7 and T8 meet a growing need for premium motorboats that are suitable for weekend trips and shorter holidays with the family. The new boats meet Agapi’s requirements for premium and performance-oriented motorboats with a modern and practical design.

I am very pleased to announce this expanded partner agreement with Yamaha with whom we have a long and strong relationship. With this agreement, we are taking this cooperation to the next level introducing boat models fitting our members’ needs in a great way.” says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi Boat Club.

”Agapi Boat Club shares Yamaha’s mindset when it comes to valuing extraordinary quality and customer experience. We are very happy about this development and we look forward to see how our partnership can develop even further in the future”, says Christopher Sjöblom, Division Manager Marine at Yamaha Motor Scandinavia.

About Agapi

Agapi Boat Club is the membership club that enables members to have, not only the best boats in each category, but also exciting accessories such as jet-skis, electric surfboards, tubes and waterskis. All of which in the most attractive harbors worldwide and with one single membership, thus becoming the most complete solution for boaters seeking a premium and worry-free boating life. Agapi enables more premium boating in a smarter and more sustainable way than anyone else.

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