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Your boating life – Markus Wibäck

Lately, we’ve been telling the stories of several of our members. It’s been a great reminder to us – and we hope, to you – of the diverse interests our members, as well as the common threads that unite us all in our quest to create a new way of making the boating lifestyle accessible to everyone. Today, we meet Markus Wibäck.

Accessibility, availability, and spontaneity are recurring themes for all the members we spoke. In the words of Markus Wibäck, “It’s amazing to have the opportunity to have access to the boats so close to my home in Djurgårdsstaden. With the services provided from Agapi Club I can be out at sea within 20 minutes from leaving my home. Can it get more flexible than that?”

“I love taking the boat out for a dinner at sea after work, or just cruising around with friends and family in the heart of Stockholm,” he says.

Like many other members, Markus used to own his own boat. But with the pressure of a busy, high-paced life, the burden of ownership simply became too great.

“It always felt like the summer was too short with my own boat and that I spent as much time out at sea as on land just working with the boat,” says Markus. “That’s why I love the freedom with Agapi Club. I can go out whenever I want and also don’t have to think about maintenance”.

Eliminating maintenance saves time, but Markus also notes that subscribing to a fleet of boats also buys time.

“With Agapi, I can enjoy the archipelago during a much longer season,” he says. “It’s amazing to be out in the winter. Last year I was out with the boat as late as the beginning of January and started up the new season in March”.

But even if the Stockholm archipelago is truly closed, subscription boating means his options can stay open in a way that just isn’t possible for (non-billionaire) boats owners.

“Why own just one boat in one harbour when you can have new boats every year, different sizes and also in different harbours around the world?” asks Markus. Good question!

Have you got a story about subscription boating gives you options normally reserved for billionaires only? If so, drop us a line and we’ll help you share it.

Caption – Markus Wibäck – Home harbour: Biskopsudden. “I use all of the boats and I love to have the freedom of choosing depending on the plan for the day”. Markus finds the 800 perfect for shorter trips while the 950’s size makes it the obvious choice for a weekend cruise and an overnight stay.

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