Welcome back for the third leg of our Agapi Club tour. Today we get into the Mediterranean vibe and dive into the sparkling seas around Mallorca.

Port Calanova, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

As much as we love Scandinavian boating, we all dream of warm, crystal blue waters and the experience of dramatic coastline scenery from time to time. Few places are better at providing that than Mallorca.

The Agapi Center in Mallorca is located in Port Calanova, just a few minutes by car west of Palma city. Here, the Agapi boats are waiting for the members, tied up in a newly renovated picturesque harbour.

The Spanish love of life, food, wine, and music, combined with Mallorca’s natural charms, make Mallorca one of the most enduringly popular destinations in Europe for all nationalities – but it maybe gets some extra love from the sun-starved Scandinavians.

With all it has to offer, it’s no surprise Mallorca attracts so many people from so many places as holiday makers, expats, and second-homers.

The island has been a gateway to the Mediterranean for more than a thousand years and it has mesmerized invaders as the Moors, the Romans, and now the modern European expats alike.

Exploring Palma waters and securing dock space

The “new invaders” aren’t here to conquer the island, they just want to live life more fully. And so many Palma second-homers soon realize that their new home is even more magical from the sea.

But with so many coming to the same conclusion, dock space for boats is in high demand, and comes at a premium. Mallorca’s very popularity makes it tough for boaters with a residence on the island to get established.

As our representative in Palma, Stefan Roslund, explains unless you’re one of mega-wealthy, it can take years to secure spot in one of the Marinas. But with Agapi Club, you can skip the queue and get boating immediately, making the most of island life as soon as you arrive.

Stefan has spent his entire life outdoors – as a Caribbean skipper, a ski instructor, a dive master, a climber, and more. Now he is Mr. Agapi in Mallorca. As he sees it, the big-money yachts of Mallorca’s jet set disconnect their owners from the experience and adventure of boating.

Agapi boats – Perfect for Mallorca surroundings

To him, Agapi boats are perfect Mallorca boats. They can handle the Mediterranean waves, they’re perfect for water sports, lightweight, easy to pilot, quiet, fun and big enough to accommodate you and your friends.

“Agapi boats reconnect you with nature. They can cruise the shallow waters that the bigger yachts simply can’t access, meaning you get to enjoy the experiences that the money can’t buy.”

One of Stefan’s favourite spots is Cala Figuera, only 15-20 minutes from our marina. The best parts of this protected bay are inaccessible to bigger vessels, but Agapi boats glide right in to the secluded areas where you can swim, dive from the cliffs, or just relax in peace.

It gets hot in Mallorca, so it’s a good idea to stack the fridge in the boat with plenty of water and remember the local olives, which are a perfect way to keep your salt levels up. Add some Manchego cheese, serrano, pata negra ham, and maybe some cava and you have the perfect Spanish lunch onboard.

After lunch, lean back and just roll from the RIB’s tubes into the warm water. Grab a mask and some fins and explore the underwater world of Mallorca. There are several caves that can only be reached by swimming in underwater from outside!

Mallorca’s coastline is also a feast for the eyes, with caves, cliffs, and emerald beaches to explore. Turtles are a common sight in these waters, and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional dolphin.

Above the waterline, look out for mountain goats clinging to the cliffs, stealing seagull eggs.

For divers, snorkelers, and free-divers, there are wrecks less than 10 minutes from the dock, where the silver flashes of barracudas will keep you entertained.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Port Calanova

Stefan Roslund
[email protected]
Tel +34 693 789 849

Next time, join us for the final destination of this tour, as we cruise into the urban cool of Helsinki.

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