In our past three blogs, we’ve toured Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma. Today we wrap up our tour of the Agapi cities in fabulous Finland.

HSK Marina, Helsinki, Finland

Since we launched our Finnish presence in February, our Agapi team in Helsinki have seen some great local interest in the Agapi way. The Helsinki Center is perfectly placed in the Finnish capital at the HSK dock in Drumsö.

Finland is famously the land of a thousand lakes, but the Helsinki archipelago is also home to hundreds of islands of different shapes and sizes.

Helsinki’s archipelago has a lot in common with Stockholm’s, but it is not as big and somewhat more exposed to the wind and large waves of the Baltic Sea.

Eevert Mahlamäki, Head of Agapi Helsinki explains that this is an area in which the advantages of the Agapi boat designs really shine through.

“These boats are super easy to handle. In particular, the RIB concept combined with bow thrusters make docking a piece of cake, even in windy weather.”

Water is a way of life in Helsinki, but as is the case in many cities, staying in touch with that water is too often too hard for most folks to manage. That’s where we come in.

Built on and around the water, Helsinki has many small bridges and narrow channels. Exploring through these passages presents the city in new perspective. The highly maneuverable Agapi 950, with its low profile and shallow draught, can sneak beneath a lot of bridges that would stop many other boats, providing local boaters with a new sense of freedom.

Agapi Boating Vs. Ferries – Cruising between islands

Suomenlinna is one such island with a bridge definitely worth sneaking under. The island is home to bars and restaurants and is a cool place to hang out. Likewise, Skiffer is one of Helsinki’s must-visit eateries. It’s on a small island called Liuskaluoto, just in front of the city, only accessible by boat or ferry. Hint: Agapi boats are cooler than ferries.

If you’re not in the mood for the city, you’ll find as you venture into more open waters that our boats again rise to the challenge, supporting their skipper with an easier ride than even much bigger boats.

Heading for Russia

If you’re an adventurous explorer, you might want to set your course to St Petersburg in Russia or Tallinn in Estonia. Although if you don’t want to take your passport, Hankö might be the better option.

These are Viking waters of old. A thousand years ago, longboats with sails and oars plied these waters. Today, heading further out gets you a spectacular view of the big ships steaming through from Sweden, Estonia and Russia.

Or for something more peaceful, enjoy the nature, checking out Finland’s lush forests, sea birds, or the occasional sunbathing seal. There’s just so much on offer here.

“Agapi boats are truly versatile, able to make the most of all the different experiences Helsinki has to offer. When you combine that with a membership that gives access to Sweden and Mallorca, then even the most demanding Finnish boaters will see that Agapi has everything it takes to spark a revolution in Finnish boating”

Eevert Mahlamaki, Head of Agapi Helsinki.

HSK harbor on Drumsö

Eevert Mahlamäki
[email protected]
Tel: +358 50 409 2565

That wraps up our four-part tour of the Agapi cities… for now. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to see where your Agapi Club boat will take you next.

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