Can you believe we’re already halfway through February? Time seems to fly by at the start of the year. Those of us up here in the grey north struggle through the post-Christmas blues and the dark days of January. Then, all of sudden, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us again.

It’s the time for lovers, which also means it’s our time. Because (did you know?) Agapi is an old Greek word for love. That’s right, we named our business for our love of the sea, our love of boating, and our love of life. Valentine’s Day is a special time here in the Agapi community.

But modern lovers have a lot going on. It’s a busy time of the year and it’s all too easy to let events catch up on you. If you leave it too late to plan a romantic night out, you can find yourself stuck – the good restaurants book up fast. But really, what could be more romantic than a moonlit cruise for two?

Sure, up here in the Nordics, the temperature is likely to be below zero, but that has some advantages. Really, it does. For one thing, it’s easy to keep the champagne chilled. Snuggling is definitely on the cards. And you may well have the waterways all to yourself. OK, so maybe the concept will appeal more to our Agapi people in Mallorca, but even here in Sweden and Finland (if the ice clears) it’s not an entirely crazy thought.

That’s actually a big element of the Agapi way – not the partial craziness, but the ability to make the most of any opportunity. While most small boat owners have their vessels in sheds or under tarps for the whole, long winter, our boats are ready for anything. Agapi’s super versatile boats get in and out of the water so effortlessly that they are always up for some action. As long as the sea isn’t frozen solid, boating on an Agapi is an option.

Sure, being outside on a Nordic February night isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but once you make it onboard, our cabins are cosy and snug, and they seal out the worst of the winter. Anything else you do inside to create extra warmth is your own business.

Still not convinced? Well, the forecast for Mallorca on Valentine’s doesn’t look too bad. And who could turn down a date that includes a last-minute flight to Spain and a private Mediterranean cruise? That’s not disorganised – that’s spontaneous!

Romance is all about spontaneity – and so is our club membership. In fact, everything about our boats, our club, and our business is all about being able to make the most out of whatever each day brings.

The modern world has sped up. Modern lovers, modern families, modern people in general – everyone these days is so busy, so often. Who has the time to spend every weekend of spring, cleaning and fixing a boat in the hope of a few good weekends in summer?

If we’d launched Agapi on sheltered tropical island, we’d probably have just had a regular old boat business. Of course, we started in Sweden, where the conditions throw a little more at you. But we love the boating life so much, we knew we needed to create something different, so that we could enjoy the local conditions – and lifestyle – to the maximum.

Anything can happen here, so we had to think of everything. And the result is the most modern access possible to the most versatile boats around. Agapi helps regular families have more fun than they ever dreamed of. And it may just help a little romance bloom.

So maybe we are a little crazy, but that’s what love is all about.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, all you crazy Agapi lovers.

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