Anyone who’s ever idly wondered why so many rally drivers come from Finland, need only board a plane out of Helsinki and look down. From the air, Finland looks like a china plate dropped from a great height. Shards and chunks strewn at random. Inland, it’s endless forests and countless lakes, with barely a straight line in sight. Indeed, it’s hard to see how anyone could ever get from A to B without some serious drift driving abilities.

Just as this remarkable geography naturally lends itself to motorsport, so too it is one of the world’s great boating playgrounds. As the fractured landscape meets the sea in southern Finland, what you get is not so much a coastline, but rather a change in the balance of water to land. The constellation of lakes gives way to a dense archipelago of islands.

These are some of the most stunning waters in the world, and now there’s a new way to enjoy them, as Agapi Club prepares to launch in Helsinki on 9 February 2018.

Agapi and Finland are a natural fit. Our lightweight, stable, highly manoeuvrable boats were designed especially with Nordic conditions in mind. With our integrated navigation options, island hopping and exploring the complex archipelago is a snap.

And if the weather turns bad – which, let’s face it, is always a chance in this part of the world – Agapi boats provide all the comfort and safety needed to keep pleasure boating pleasurable.

Speaking of the weather, one of the biggest barriers to boat ownership in Finland must surely be the question of what to do with a boat through the long, harsh winter. But at Agapi, we decided that owning a boat need not have anything to do with enjoying a boating lifestyle. Through the Agapi Club, Finnish boaters can now forget all about hassles of boat ownership. Forget about hauling boats out of icy harbours. Forget about storage costs. Forget about scraping barnacles and painting hulls. And forget about saving for a boat of your own.

In fact, forget about everything at all, except the joy of being on the water.

The new Agapi Center in Helsinki is right in the center of HSK harbour at Drumsö, and we’re quietly confident this is start of big changes in the Finnish boating community. For not only is the Agapi Club now a gateway to the local archipelago, it’s also the best way for local boaters to explore Palma de Mallorca.

That’s right, Palma de Mallorca. In Spain. We hate to keep mentioning the Finnish weather, but as a Swedish company, we know what it’s like to dream of warm waters, suntans, and sangria. Through the Agapi Club, you don’t have to dream it, you can live it. Platinum members have full access to boats in all our marinas: Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Palma.

Our representative in Finland, Eevert Mahlamaki, sees our February launch as a new era for boating in Finland: “When people discover that they can have more boating with less effort, hassle, and costs, we know we will change the Finnish boat market.” 

Read the Press Release here

To find more about Agapi Club in Finland, contact Eevert Mahlamäki, tel: +358 50 4092565, [email protected]

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