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Syncron also offers a software, a fully integrated solution stack for the optimization of service parts Inventory, Price, and Uptime – all with MasterData and Analytics at its core.


People are breaking up with owning things outright, and are instead opting for luxury subscription services as a way to save, streamline and sustain these big-ticket items. This shift to access is ultimately known as servitization – the selling of service and outcomes versus the sale of new products – and it’s cutting many organisations’ priority lists.


Peder Asplund

Peder Asplund, our CEO and founder of Agapi Boating, was interviewed by Syncron. Syncron empowers the world’s leading manufacturers to exceed their customers’ expectations, while simultaneously improving revenue and profits. Syncron is committed to delivering tips of the best products, tricks and strategies from industry experts on the latest trends in manufacturing, service and after-sales service.

“Agapi builds only a fraction of that amount and uses the fleet model of boats in a much more balanced manner. Moreover, like Volvo’s luxury subscription services that cover everything but the gas, Agapi lets its customer’s behaviour dictate the level of membership from a more holistic equation.”

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