It’s hard to believe, but the Agapi Club is already in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Palma Mallorca – three countries, four cities, six marinas, and unlimited adventure. Things are growing fast and this is just the start of the revolution of subscription boating! Get ahead, get on board and get going with the future of boating – with the help of some local tips from our Agapi people. In this and the next three blogs, we’ll take you on a tour of the Agapi cities and just maybe change your perception of ordinary boating forever.

Today, our tour starts in Stockholm.

Biskopsuddens Marina, Stockholm, Sweden

This is where it all started, and what can we say about the famous Stockholm archipelago that hasn’t already been said? Well, quite a lot in fact, but let’s start with a veteran and an iconic place.

The head Agapi Center is at Biskopsuddens Marina, perfectly located at the north east corner of Royal Djurgården. Coming in to Stockholm by boat, this is the most scenic gateway to the city. Going out is even better because the inner archipelago starts not even one nautical mile from the dock. These are the home waters of Lars Weiler.

Lars, the leader of the Agapi Academy, has the sea in his heart. He has a long history as a professional charter captain and he’s sailed all over the world. But from all his travels, he still rates Stockholm as one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. With 30,000 islands there really is something for everyone.

“It never ceases to amaze me that I discover new gems in coves, small islands and secluded bays each year,” says Lars. “There’s almost too much choose from, but you’ll find the Agapi Routes loaded up with plenty of highlights.”

Gliding away from the majestic buildings in central Stockholm, in just a few minutes you could stop for an ice-cream or a locally-brewed beer at Fjäderholmarna. In prohibition days, this was the hub for smuggling alcohol into the city. Now it’s a tourist attraction with a fancy restaurant serving genuine Swedish dishes. On your way out from Stockholm, you’ll probably pass Waxholm with its castle and narrow strait that has been the last defense to save Stockholm from Russian invasion. They’ve tried that a few times over the centuries, you know, and traces of Russian presence are numerous in the archipelago. When they couldn’t make it to Stockholm they stayed out in the islands building a new life, often with a new wife.

Navigating these waters can be an amazing challenge. The underwater landscape is as scattered as the one above, so skippers can never take depth for granted. But with todays’ GPS systems and Agapi Routes pre-loaded on the iPad, the navigation is pure fun – set a course to your own favourite beach, or meander in-between islands, follow the route and you’ll be great. The Agapi boats’ shallow draught and easy manoeuvrability – combined with modern navigation tools – make it easy and safe to explore even the challenging Stockholm archipelago. You should try it out.

In Sweden the concept of Allemansrätten (‘every man’s right’) gives anyone the right to respectfully cross any land or waters owned by others. The Allemansrätt makes virtually all 30,000 islands a possible excursion site.

There are countless restaurants to tempt a hungry boater, but they can be hard to find. Agapi is partnering with some the best, offering some nice benefits to our Club members. But for Lars, it’s tough to beat a meal of sill (herring) with fresh potatoes and sour cream while floating in the sun.

Ordinarily, the boating season runs from April until October, but the Agapi season is much longer than most boaters are used to with. Agapi keeps the boats in the water as long as it is ice-free. This is how Agapi Club members can be found cruising the archipelago, welcoming the first sun beams in early spring, or even passing snowy white islands to Sandhamn in December for a julbord (Christmas buffet). In the cold months, the ride home is usually dark, but the navigation equipment and the heater keeps everyone safe and warm, swirling between islands with the sense of Christmas in the air, it is a truly magical experience.

Biskopsuddens Marina
Biskopsvägen 7
115 21 Stockholm

[email protected]
Tel: +46 8 611 8114

In our next post, head west with us to Gothenburg!

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