We often sum up the benefits of Agapi Club by saying that when you join, you start “mooring in the cloud”. It’s a fun expression, but if you’re not sure what it means, this post is for you.

When you spend time on the water, you get good at reading the skies. If you want to know what the conditions will be, check what the clouds say. Cirrus? Nimbus? Stratus? The answer is up there. But there’s a new type of cloud on the scene – it’s bringing good news but probably still needs some more explanation.

When we first started to develop our vision of Agapi Club, we knew we had a great idea. But we also realized that we needed our own software platform that could shine in three main areas:

  1. It needed to be easy, accessible 24/7 and super efficient for users to book a boat.
  2. It needed to be convenient and self-contained, providing all the information and guidance boaters of all levels need for a safe ride.
  3. It needed to be fun, with features that help you create a joyful trip and make the most of every experience.


Boating at your fingertips

It turns out, the answer to all this is in the cloud. Cloud technologies are the key enablers that put convenient boating at your fingertips. Our dedicated, cloud-based system is built on more than 10 years of experience and with more than 2000 hours of software development. What that means for you is that your boat is never further away than your smartphone.

  1. Easy booking 24/7

The urge to go boating can strike at any time – so never let it slip by. Whatever the time, wherever you are, our booking system is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Always there for you right in your pocket. We could ask you to take a minute to see for yourself how easy it is to book an Agapi Club boat, but that would be terribly misleading, because our video is only half that long. It shows the entire booking process – from start to finish – in only 25 seconds. It’s faster than ordering a pizza.

  1. Knowledge when you need it

Whether you’re an experienced skipper or brand new to boating, on top of managing your boat bookings our software platform is also ready to support you with everything you need to feel safe, in control and confident with your boat. From a single interface, you can bring up information, manuals, and even video tutorials that will improve your boating skills and help you solve any problems you might encounter on the water.

  1. A portal to fun

And we never forget that boating is supposed to be fun. One unique highlight of our software platform is Agapi Routes, an ever-evolving guide to help you make the most of any trip. Whether you’re cruising in unfamiliar waters or out to discover new gems in your home harbor, Agapi Routes has tips for beautiful courses to take, and it helps you set up memorable experiences with our preferred partner restaurants, hotels, and other spots along the way.

Already, Agapi Club is probably the most advanced operation of its type. Mooring your boat in the cloud gives you a boating life that makes the impossible equation of less work and less cost with more access in more places possible! And now that we have the essential elements locked in, we can keep bringing even more value and fun to your boating life. So, if you want to know what true freedom boating is, just look to the Agapi cloud!


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