Agapi Club, the company that offers you the opportunity to have a boat as if it was your own without having to actually own it, keeps on growing in Stockholm as well as internationally. The Center based on Biskopsuddens Marina will now be complemented by two new harbors in Viggbyholm and Saltsjöbaden starting in the Spring. This gives Stockholmers the unique opportunity to have their home harbour close to where they live. But not only that it also gives members access to Agapi boats in other Centers such as Gothenburg, Helsinki and Palma de Mallorca to explore new waters and boating paradises. Or vice-versa naturally, members with home harbours elsewhere will now have access to Agapi boats in all three of the Stockholm bases.

The expansion of Agapi Club Stockholm to three ports means that more people across Stockholm will have close access to premium boating without all the ownership efforts, hassle and obstacles on top of the benefit of enjoying a boating life that costs less. All thanks to Agapi’s own software, which gives each member the possibility to easily book a boat online when they want. Becoming an Agapi Club member means no more struggles with issues such as maintenance, insurance, service, hull painting, expensive winter storage and a great financial commitment all in all. Having a boat through Agapi Club is only about enjoying your time at sea.

”We have had a great response with Agapi Club, even though – or rather thanks to – it means a whole new way of thinking about how to have a boat. The first ones to discover Agapi Club were people with solid boat experience well aware of what it costs and how much work it means to own a boat. Now, even new boat enthusiasts who previously disregard boating due to justifying a short season and a big upfront investment, are realizing that Agapi Club offers something completely different. Agapi Club extends the season and removes all the hassle of owning a boat as well as the benefit your membership opens for boating in new exciting waters. Our expansion to Saltsjöbaden and Viggbyholm is a natural evolution from the demand we have and we are looking forward to an amazing year 2018 for Stockholmers who want that little extra from their boating life but without all the dull things.” Says Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi.

Agapi is a Swedish innovator who truly “rocks the boat” to the traditional boating industry. With Boating Freedom as the springboard motto Agapi has created a network of customers and developed unique versatile and multifunctional Swedish designed boat models acclaimed by international expertise that are the core of the Agapi Club. The ground-breaking Agapi Club concept has been piloted for two years by the Agapi team before it was launched in March 2017. Today in January 2018, the Agapi Club has a comprehensive digital booking system, a fast-growing fleet of 12 boats in three countries and more than 70 members. Agapi Club is an access service that allows you to go out at sea with family and friends easily and cost-effectively. The Club membership, the online booking system and your smartphone, gives you easy access to a boat that feels like your own but without all the owner hardships.

’If you want to start exercising you don’t go buy a gym. So why buy a boat if you want to go boating?’

The new Stockholm northern and southern ports give the Club a tripod of perfectly positioned hubs to access the Stockholm archipelago. In Viggbyholm, the boats will be on one of the most accessible marinas in northern Stockholm – Täby Varv. By car, it is no more than 15 minutes from the larger parts of Täby, Danderyd and Sollentuna and there is free parking in the marina. From the harbour in Viggbyholm to Sandhamn there are 30 nautical nautical miles, enabling quick access to the entire archipelago of Stockholm and the outer archipelago. At the same time there are several nearby restaurants for spontaneous lunch and dinner trips. In Saltsjöbaden we find the Club harbour at the KSSS jetty just below the famous Grand Hotel. Saltsjöbaden’s very beautiful harbour and the direct proximity to the southern archipelago and the coastline makes it a very attractive and obvious place to run Club operations. The company expects to be able to accommodate 15 new members in Viggbyholm and Saltsjöbaden during 2018.

The expansion within the Stockholm region is a step in growing Agapi Club both in Sweden and internationally. Agapi Club offers a licensing scheme to Marinas and ports, enabling them to optimize and have several users per dock space. This gives ports and marinas increased revenue opportunities while providing a favourable development for the environment. At the same time, each new port entails new opportunities for existing members. Agapi’s software allows members to have constant access to their boat in more than one location around the world, something that had previously been impossible without a major personal investment. Now, the new sharing economy enables completely new opportunities for the many people to have a premium Agapi boat with amazing performance in places they previously just dreamed of.

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