The Agapi pricing diamond – Freedom of choice

At Agapi Boat Club, we want you to find the boating life and service level that fits your desires at a price that fits your budget. So to help you find your perfect balance, we’ve created the Agapi Pricing Diamond – four key choices that will help shape your subscription plan.


There’s a lot to consider but we want to help you keep it simple. We have both recommended plans and pay-as you go plans. An Agapi representative can walk you through the choices and tailor a membership that matches your needs and budget.

Recommended plans

If you’re not sure what your needs are yet, to make things easier we can offer you pre-defined subscription plans which cover the needs of most members. We have recommended plans for every Region. And if you ever need to make a change to your plan, just get in touch and we’ll help you reconfigure a new plan that works even better for you. Contact us.





Pay As You Go plans

A membership plan for boaters who want total freedom and pay only when you go boating. The onboarding fee is the same as with regular memberships but the annual fee is different for each boat category. As a pay as you go member you enjoy the same benefits as all members of Agapi Boat Club.

Your lifestyle, your choice

Do you only want access at your home harbor – or do you like the idea of a boat in every Agapi port? Are you happy to clean up the deck and top up the tanks for the next member – or do you prefer that we do the work? Just the boat – or would some water toys keep the kids happier? All year round – or simply summer boating? Do you prefer a smaller boat – or will you need a little more space and power to impress and entertain? All these choices and more – and everything in-between. It’s your membership, it’s your choice!

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