A membership plan for boaters who want total freedom and pay only for the days when they go boating. The onboarding fee is the same as with regular memberships but the annual fee is different for each boat category. As a pay-per-day member you enjoy the same benefits as all members of Agapi Boat Club (e.g online booking, extra services). Note that if you plan to take around 5-7 boat trips (or more) in the same year, it will be more economical for you to sign up to one of our recommended membership plans. All prices in EUR including VAT.

Boat categories

Boat models category A: Saxdor 200
Boat models category B (includes category A): Agapi 800
Boat models category C (includes category A and B): Agapi 950 and Saxdor 320

Your lifestyle, your choice

Agapi Boat Club is all about flexibility, get in touch and we’ll help you find the ideal plan that best fits your boating needs and budget.