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You’ve bought a Captain’s hat and are ready to hit the high seas, but before you do, you just have one more question – how does Agapi Club membership work, and how much does it cost? Just like your gym, membership of Agapi Club is ongoing and renewed annually. Annual membership is priced from €500 up to €20,000, depending on the kind of boating life you wish to have.

Unlimited boating days

All memberships include an unlimited number of boat days. In Sweden, the boating season runs as long as there is no ice, this means the boats are available between April to December, and last year saw our members using them to make their way to Christmas dinners in the archipelago. Of course, in Mallorca, Agapi Club is accessible 365 days of the year for all our members!

Spontaneous days

For all membership levels, “spontaneous days” are included, where you can book available boats within the next 48 hours. In addition, you can book “planned days” further in advance. How many simultaneous planned bookings you can have, depends on which membership level you choose. If you have one “planned day” in your membership, you can book your next trip as soon as you return, whereas if you have three, you can have three upcoming bookings at the same time. But no matter your membership level, there is no limit to how much boating you can enjoy, as you can always buy as many “extra days” as you want to. This is great if you want to book the boat several days in a row or even an entire month!

Boat models

We have three different boat sizes from 6 meters up to 10 meters. Higher levels of membership include access to all boats.

See our price list here.

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