First of all, a painful truth we all should be aware of, boating is not a cheap hobby and not for everyone. At Agapi we strive to make exclusive boating with premium boats available for many more but we are still talking a premium service with a limited customer segment.

We are open with the way we think since our members are our most important ambassadors and if there is no clear win/win, it will not work. And the more our members refer to other responsible members, the better the whole Club will work.

It is important to know that our device “Sharing is the new owning” is the spirit of what we do. We want to replicate the feeling of “owning” your own boat but then add so many more aspects of boating that most people, in the close future, will see this as the most intelligent way of using a boat.

  • We add the liberating feeling of not having to be concerned with all the negative aspects of boating as maintenance, winter storage and if the boat is safe during the fall storms.
  • We add the possibility of ordering a number of services making your day at sea so much
    more pleasurable if time is scarce.
  • We remove the infamous quote “there are two happy days of a boat owner – one when he
    buys the boat, the other when he manages to sell it….” and assure all days are equally
  • We add an amazing experience by our liberating mobility, both in terms of bringing our
    boats behind a car to explore new waters as well as building an international network of
    attractive waters offering boating with “your” boat in true paradise waters.
  • We know statistics and user behavior and can almost assure 100% availability replicating
    the feeling of “whenever” of owning your own boat.

And by building a community of boat lovers world-wide, we are creating a network of vast possibilities and activities for everyone who loves the sea.

We should be able to charge the normal boat costs + so much more for the above but we are not. The power of sharing implies very reasonable costs for our services and the math is pretty simple.

The bitter truth most boat owners choose not to think about is that the annual cost of a new boat with a value of more than 120 kEur ends up around 25kEur if you include depreciation,  cost of interest and all the operational yearly costs. Owning the boat for more than 10 years can of course take down the yearly costs slightly but boats, regardless of type, tend to follow car’s depreciation more and more. Assuming the average 10 days at sea (high…), we can all do the maths.

This is where the power of sharing has a great implication as the actual costs are shared in an intelligent way. It should be noted that the average use of a motor boat is less than 0,35% (20 hours in average) of the available season…

The above reflections open vast possibilities for completely new services in boating. Other actors in other areas as sailing charter, for example Navigare Yachting (www.navigare-  or Moorings ( have chosen a charter model to achieve sharing effects which today is a tested and well working model.

In the car industry, there are plenty of examples growing quickly all over the world as for example BMW’s and Sixth’s Drive-Now ( or Volvo’s own SunFleet  (

Agapi Club is the first true premium service for motor boats using the power of sharing to actually offer something with much more value than plain traditional owning. We are convinced this will be followed by many and a completely new business segment will emerge.

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