Finally! Here comes the sun. Our boats went from their sleeping quarters to being in the water as soon as the ice melted away and are now ready for our members.

Everything feels new in spring. It’s like a second new year and we have a lot of new people contacting us, now discovering the Agapi way.

We are so happy about that and if you’re one of the new ones, welcome aboard! This blog is for you so you can better understand and explain to your friends what this Agapi thing really is about and at the same time kill some misconceptions about what it’s not.

So what is Agapi Club?

Well, one of the corner stones is that you don’t need to own a boat but you still have a boat as if you owned it. That’s thanks to what in most media is described as sharing economy solutions.

There’s been a lot written lately about it the last years and how it’s changing the world. Well, we are certainly changing the boating world, but hey, who wants to share things with others? Really, truthfully? Not many, but this is where Agapi share the benefits of companies based on sharing economy models such as Uber and Airbnb.

It doesn’t really feel like you are sharing. This is the secret trick and to understand that secret we need to explain what we are not. We are not pooling and we are not boat rental.

A lot of people come to us with the misconception that Agapi Club is pooling schemes or rental companies. We’re not. Let’s start with pooling services. You know, when you typically have access certain weeks with a boat in an exotic place. Where your weeks often depend on what weeks other people chose.

Forget this. We don’t do boat pooling.

Now think about rental companies. Rental is typically about renting a boat in a certain category. You get a boat you might have driven before or not. You don’t really know how it will behave in waves and wind and the navigation instruments are most likely new to you. You get a kick when undocking and getting out of the harbor as your cortisol hormones flow.

Have you got a picture in your mind? Good. Erase that picture. Agapi Club is not about boat rental.

Agapi Club is everyday access to a premium boat and adding the possibility of having access to your boat in several places. You get more boating and less – or none of the traditional obligations and musts around boating. This has very little to do with everything you associate with rentals or sharing, except the benefits of not owning.

Not alone now

But there are some businesses in other areas with whom we share a few key features and fortunately we are no longer alone in the struggle to explain the benefits of using cloud based IT services. The car industry is now helping us when some of the bigger brands are on the same journey explaining how full service and easy access online are changing the meaning of vehicle ownership.

Super easy bookings

First, there’s BMW’s DriveNow, with its fleet of modern cars parked all around the city. These are a great substitute for owning a car if all you need is short, spontaneous trips. Making that work demand a simple, seamless check in and check out. Great BMW. That is where you have a feature quite like our own system. We don’t know about your time-to-book but we can tell you that with our own dedicated software platform, it takes only about 30 seconds to book your boat on your smartphone.

A boat you know, when you need it

But DriveNow is really about picking up a car when the need pops up. You can’t book far in advance and you pay by the minute. Which brings us to Volvo’s Sunfleet. This is more of a car pooling scheme for a family or some people. You can book ahead, and the fees are geared to slightly longer use with offering different subscription levels – as the subscription levels Agapi Club offers – to help you balance cost and benefits to best suit your needs.

Changing the game

Agapi, Volvo and BMW are out on a journey that is changing the way their industries work. Just like Netflix has done. Netflix is a great example of understanding changes in how people want to consume. They have completely changed the way their industry works by learning and adapting to their customer’s needs.

We at Agapi are far from being as a global company like Volvo, BMW and Netflix but we are no less ambitious and we are also on the quest of challenging a traditional industry. By taking the best elements from several models – and innovating several of our own – Agapi Club’s subscription boating changes the game.

If it suits you, you can plan your boating days, weekends or holidays well in advance. But you also get to take advantage of good weather on the spur of the moment.

Either way, when you get to the dock, your boat will be waiting for you, and you’ll waste no time getting on or off. The Agapi way of boating is quickly gaining fans and ambassadors around the world and for each new center the benefits for each single member grows.

The hub of this development is the cloud and our dedicated online booking system. You become a member today and you go boating already tomorrow. Imagine that – whether you’re island hopping in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki or sunning yourself in Palma, your own boat is waiting for you on the dock. It’s virtual ownership at its best.

We truly believe that the Agapi Club subscription concept is the future of boating attracting people with modern urban lifestyles. It offers an unmatched boating life with its access to brand-new, awarded premium boats for everyday use at home and exciting new waters in other places. It makes every boat day a day on the water. The cloud Agapi is talking about is the only cloud bringing you blue skies wherever you are.

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