Subscription boating

Remember that time you patted your tummy, realized it was time to slim down and tone up? You thought that you should start exercising, so you went out and bought an entire gym.

No, of course not. No one does that.

Yet that is basically how boating has traditionally worked. Until now, if you wanted a boat, you saved and sacrificed. You may have felt forced to stretch your budget to buy something not outdated. But you probably also held some money back for marina fees, duties, maintenance costs, insurances, winterizing, and the other unwelcome surprises that can pop up at any time. Perhaps, at the end of the boating season, you might have felt that you hadn’t been out at sea as much as you had wished to be.

Own a boat

If it’s any comfort, we can share with you that the average boat owner spends only about 20 hours each year cruising on the sea. In that respect, it’s not unlike the average gym member whose ambitions and realities drift apart as their membership year unfolds. But the difference between the boat owner and the gym member is that the latter gets all the benefits and access without the burdens and the must-dos that come with owning.

You can see where we are going with this. These days, fresh thinking and new technology are spreading the benefits of membership systems well beyond gyms and golf clubs.

Consider the car industry for example. The average car sits idle for up to 95 percent of its life. When you think about it, that’s both financially and environmentally crazy. Car makers like Volvo and BMW have woken up to where the market is moving and have now launched subscription services, giving people access to modern, well-equipped cars in innovative ways that online IT platforms and tech evolution have made possible.

Agapi Boating

Agapi started looking into this three years ago, with the aim of making it easier for more people to have access to a modern, fun, high-performance boat in a way that was also gentle to the environment. Our whole approach is all about finding the best ways for the greatest number of people to get the most enjoyment out of boating – whether that means owning a boat or not.

We started by creating the most versatile boats on the market. Then, we set about making them more accessible and more liberating, than anyone thought possible. We call it subscription boating.

Membership boating

And the result is that the Agapi Club makes life easier. Easier for the people who want access to a great boat but not the burdens of owning it. And easier for those who want their own boat at their dock certain weeks of the year, but also have it return benefits to them when they can’t use it themselves.

You can label it part of the sharing economy if you want – but like a gym or a golf club, membership in the Agapi Club doesn’t feel like sharing. It feels like freedom.

Unlimited access to Agapi

Membership in the Agapi Club gives you unlimited access to a new Agapi boat in your home region or in any of our Agapi Centers. And as growing community, with every new location we expand to, the benefits for every member also grow.

Whatever your needs, whether you are a subscribing member or an owner, the Agapi way means more fun, less work. More boating, less money. If it’s freedom you want, you now have easy access to a boating lifestyle you probably didn’t think was possible.

Read what Sweboat CEO Mats Eriksson has to say about subscription boating, or Contact us for more information.

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