Agapi Boating’s Corporate vision

To change boating into a more sustainable industry long term is one of Agapi Boating’s core missions and Agapi has an holistic approach to this. The quest to use the world’s scarce resources in a much more efficient way is a key pillar to our business idea and a true win/win for everyone, including the environment of course.

The average usage of a boat in Sweden for instance, is only 5 days per year. Our vision with Agapi Club is that instead of building 10.000 boats that are laying still in the marinas, we only build a fraction and use our fleet of Cub boats in a much more efficient way among our members. This is without a doubt the biggest contributor to our sustainability strategy and a pure effect of the power of sharing.

Agapi Boats, environmental focus from design to performance

Starting with design to performance. Agapi is committed to produce boats that have as little environmental impact as possible without compromising the boat’s performance. A light construction together with the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) concept that results in a boat lighter and still more seaworthy than the competitors of same size.

For the environment, low weight means lower fuel consumption and a boat that can easily be stored on a trailer all year round thus avoiding toxic anti-foil paint. Low weight means also a boat that is easy to use in dry stacks or boat lifts. Furthermore, low weight is a must to meet the future of electrical power chains starting to enter the boating industry – Agapi’s vision into the future.

Agapi Club, a concept based on a sustainable business model

From the start in 2006, Agapi Boating has adopted an holistic eco approach, including our Agapi Charter business. From design, to our boating concept and all the way down to our training programs where we focus on careful driving and showing respect for both nature and others at sea. We continuously strive to excel in all areas with a continued search for better and environmental friendly solutions such as Boat Wash ( to avoid anti-foil, and meetings with E-power solutions ( as examples of existing or potential partners. Our vision is to become the “Tesla at sea”, the most environmentally friendly solution for family oriented high performance boats. Today, 100% electric is not possible, but eventually e-power will come to boating as well.

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