Agapi’s mission and commitment

To transform boating into a more sustainable industry long term is one of Agapi’s core missions and we have an holistic approach to this through Agapi Boat Club. The quest to use the world’s scarce resources in a much more efficient way is a key pillar to our business and a true win/win for all involved including the boaters and the environment.

Agapi Boat Club looks into the entire ecosystem and ensures that boating continues to grow, but with as low environmental impact as possible. Conducting our business in a responsible way and ensuring environmentally sound business practices are a core part of our brand, our culture and identity as a company. We are committed to responsible and ethical corporate behavior. This includes transparency, compliance to regulations, as well as high standards of integrity and business conduct in our relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, as well as the marinas and local communities in which we operate.

Our sustainability approach

At Agapi, we work proactively with the effects of the extensive and rapid digitalization, with the growing concern for environmental and social responsibility and with the ongoing urbanization and changes in consumer behaviour where the importance of accessibility, convenience and the value of time have taken a key role in people’s lives. Our sustainability approach helps us manage these trends to ensure we can continue contributing positively to society.

Sustainable development, climate change and resource optimization

There is a growing global awareness of the importance of making our planet cleaner, safer and fairer and that economic growth and prosperity should happen in a sustainable way. Our introduction of e-powered boats to Agapi’s fleet is a clear example of this. Our subscription based model enables a resource utilization factor 10 times higher than traditional ownership leading to a reduction of environmental footprint per individual of approximately 90%.

Digitalization, urbanization and subscription economy

We see a growing awareness that if everyone continues to own everything, in the long run it is simply not sustainable. Not only does ownership of high-end assets fail to scale, it also just doesn’t make economic sense. Subscription services are a smarter way to use our planet’s finite resources, especially knowing that a traditionally owned boat sits idle for the most part of its life.

With the increase of urbanization, congestion and pollution levels, we start to see new regulations and incentive schemes for sharing solutions across all sectors. We see a clear trend from “ownership” to “usership”. The transition from the traditional business “Boat-as-a-Product”, to the “Boat-as-a-Service” is driven by sharing and subscription models – such as Agapi Boat Club – based on sustainability and enabled by digitalization.

A model where constant innovation and relationship building shifts the focus to experiences instead of products and people instead of purchasers. A model where freedom, accessibility and convenience are our top priorities.

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