Your boating life – Lars Tisén

One of the things that gives us the most pleasure at Agapi Club is the seeing how our subscription boating model has been able to bring people back in touch with a part of their life which had – because of time pressures or cost – slipped out of reach. With most people, if you mention boats, the last thing they think of is practicality. But as we’ve been speaking to members lately for this blog, we’ve heard a lot about how Agapi Club has truly made boating truly practical and accessible.

Lars Tisén lives close to the Viggbyholm marina, but often chooses his starting point to suit the trip he wants to take.

“The benefit of membership for me is I can use any of the Stockholm locations, which means I can save on gas, depending on where I want to go.”

Lars is a native of the archipelago, spending all his childhood summers on Stockholm’s waterways. He even owned a boat several years ago. He loved the boat but didn’t love the work involved or the time he had to commit to being part of the marina, including standing in to guard the boats at night. Above all though, the price of ownership was unpredictable, and there was always bound to be some cost arising.

“But now there is always a boat,” he says, and uncertainty has been replaced with familiarity. “Last year we went to Gothenburg. It was different surroundings but the same type of boat – easy to log in and get going in a couple of minutes.”

“If I’m staying out, I use the 950 because it’s more spacious and more convenient to sleep in. But if I want to head further out or just go cruising, I prefer the 800 because of its lower fuel consumption”.

“The boats are well equipped and stable, and easy to use,” says Lars. “And if anything is wrong, it’s fixed by the next day – I really haven’t found any downsides.”

Is it practicality or love? Flexibility or cost? Or all of the above? We’d love to hear how subscription boating works for you and how it has helped you make boating an accessible part of your lifestyle. Get in touch so we can help you tell your story.

Caption – Lars Tisén –  Home harbour: Viggbyholm. Lars says at first he would push the boats much harder, because of the sheer power available and the smooth ride. But now, he says, he often prefers to cruise at a gentler and more economical speed.

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