The question everyone asks about Agapi Club

Will I have access to a boat when I want it?

The summer of 2018 will probably go to history as one of the sunniest summers ever!

For Agapi Club this resulted in 1.300 bookings and in only 35 cases our members had to make other plans. Ensuring accessibility for all members is our first and greatest priority at Agapi Club.

However, you should think of our boating membership just as golfers think of their exclusive golfing membership.

Plan ahead and you secure your boat booking. If you decide on a Friday evening that you want to go boating on a beautiful Saturday morning, you might need to wait until the afternoon to go out instead. But based on our experience and the statistics from the 2018 season, we can basically promise you that you can go boating every day of the year or at least, far more often than if you had your own boat!

Member satisfaction 2018

4,93 / 5

What is Agapi Club?

More on our boat models here

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