Many people ask us why we focus so much on being able to trailer our quite large boats. This short essay has the ambition to enlighten the reader about the wonders of being able to easily move around your boat and all the advantages it brings.

Probably, Agapi Boating has the most extensive experience of trailer-able cabin boats in the world.

Probably, since we cannot be sure, but given our 12 years of experience of more than 50.000 km on the road all over Europe with boats up to 10 meters, we welcome others with similar experience to challenge our conclusions.

The sense of FREEDOM is the driving force behind our decision to produce trailer-able boats. Once you start experiencing the option to bring your own boat to new exciting waters, it is difficult to stop. Even though most boaters haven’t tried it yet, now they can thanks to Agapi. Most boaters never leave their home waters. With our Agapi we have visited all the magical lakes in Italy as well as cruised the canals of Venice. We have gone water skiing with Mt Blanc in the background at Lake Geneva and enjoyed the wine yards at the Canal de Midi mixing sleeping in the boat with hotels. The possibilities are endless and our quest to explore continues. This dimension of boating is creating a value for boaters far beyond what most boat owners expect.

Please see our two corporate videos elaborating on this;

But you do not need to go through Europe to Venice to appreciate the added value Agapi  boats give with their easy handled mobility. For people living in Sweden for example, there are so many attractive canals, lakes and coast lines to explore. Some exotic places are only 2-3 hours of transportation, others a bit further like the fjords of Norway. Below is a photo from one of our favorite destinations, the aqueduct of Håverud. 5 hours by car or 3-4 days by boat from Stockholm.

Other driving forces are ECONOMICS AND ENVIRONMENT. The boats are very simple to handle and that makes maintenance easier, transportation costs lower and dry storage easy available. The Agapi customers using the full potential of the trailer can actually skip a lot of hassle and make the boating life much more enjoyable while they get lower costs and boat more environmentally friendly as a bonus. No poisonous anti fouling, no need for expensive marinas everywhere, less expensive winter storage is just a few examples.

For our customers and our members in our Agapi Club, the trailer-ability is always accessible and always giving them benefits. Even when it is not explored by the boaters themselves it is an enabler to keep costs down and possibility to have the boat shipped easier to less cost.

The fact that the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) was developed for easy transportation on trailers in the late 60’s is one of many reasons why Agapi choose to base their models on the RIB technology. The RIB ‘s superior advantages at sea with performance and safety are the main reasons as we covered in another essay, but the low drought, low weight and low point of gravity that gives the unique mobility advantages on a trailer makes Agapi boats uniquely versatile and probably the best SUV’s of the sea in any market.

For people looking for a Turnkey solution including their own trailer, we work with the leading trailer suppliers as or These trailers and the boats are truly optimised for safe and easy handling. For more detailed information please see our instruction videos;

Agapi 800 at Lake Lémon, Geneva, Switzerland on its way to Sardinia.

At Agapi we know the secrets behind trailerable boats and we are happy to share this extensive experience with our customers to enable them getting a much more fun and exciting boat life.

Read more about how trailability also affects sustainability, or Contact us for more information.

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