In 2006 we decided to challenge the traditional way of thinking boats and boating.

As the development of premium SUV’s in the car industry, we also believe in a type of boat where outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, intelligent design and a unique versatility creates the base for a similar development within the boating industry.

But not only the boats needed to be looked into, the entire ecosystem around boating needed a change too. Agapi shifts the focus in boating from owning and maintaining to experiencing and enjoying. And we’re not alone. Today we share this with a growing more demanding generation of boaters. Agapi Boat Club, offers a worry-free boating life for boating people that want more time on the water – any waters – and less of the constraints attached to owning a boat.

Our Boat Club and boating concept springs out of our thoughts about freedom, joy, comfort and effortlessness. Welcome to the Agapi way of boating!

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