Agapi Club – World leader

Agapi Club’s growth was almost 200% in 2018 making Agapi already in 2019 probably the world leader in the emerging sharing economy business in the boating sector.

This season Club member will find an enhanced booking system and Agapi Club available in even more places thanks to a unique possibility for privately owned Agapi boats. Finally, members will be able to access the latest in boats, engines and equipment. A unique benefit every year.

Top consumer rating (4,93 out of 5)

With over 1300 boat trips in 2018 (210 in 2017) Agapi Club gathered the equivalent of 200 years of boating experience in one single season collecting an amazingly valuable amount of user and operational data. Furthermore, we reached 110 members (38 in 2017) and a top customer satisfaction index of 4,93 out of 5. From three harbours to eight in three countries, Agapi realized the value to offer their members the possibility to go boating in multiple locations with a single subscription. The connection between Mallorca and Sweden being without a doubt the most relevant one. Since 2017 and hard tested thanks to the amazing summer 2018, the Club concept is proven to excel even under extreme conditions and optimized for the good of all parties. Now Agapi Club launches news in the offer for 2019 with the following highlights;

• A new software version 1.6.6 supporting now credit card payment. Now every member has an easy way to keep track of their digital fuel bank. More improvements have been implemented to the already user-friendly online platform that allows members to book a boat in less than 15 seconds.

• A new franchising set-up, the Agapi Network Boat concept enables smaller marinas and private Agapi boaters to join the Club. This concept is perfect for anyone living far from our main Agapi Centers and gives a positive upside for Agapi owners.

• Always access to the latest. The introduction of new Yamaha V8, 425 hp on Agapi 950 model 2019 equipped with new 16” Garmin plotter, thus making sure that Club members can enjoy the latest technology in boating every year. Agapi is convinced that the future of boating involves a lot of things previously impossible. Modern boaters will demand more freedom, affordability, accessibility, simplicity, safety and sustainable solutions. Agapi has designed internationally awarded boats that are perfectly fit for the modern boater. Optimized for multiple purposes and unmatched versatility goes hand in hand with the needs of Club members. This give Agapi the unique competitive advantage of an end-to-end business model and the members the benefit of driving a familiar boat in every center all over the world.

A global expansion

Since Agapi Club’s launch in 2017, the company is focused on expanding worldwide. The paradigm shift for boating based on a smart sharing economy concept is inevitable since it benefits all parties: the boaters, the industry and not least the environment. It is a sustainable business model, ensuring that boating continues to grow while leaving less of an environmental footprint while giving more boating to boaters. The future of boating is to make better and more versatile boats available for more people while caring more for the waters of the world than ever before. This is our mission and we look forward to be joined in this quest by our peers in the boating sector. More on Agapi’s mission here.

Our family subscribed to a Club membership in Mallorca as we were looking for a boating life to enjoy the wonderful waters and “Calas”. When we heard of Agapi Club, we realized it was exactly what we needed having small kids, limited time and no idea how to take care of a boat in Mallorca. We get full support from the great Agapi team locally no matter what we need and we always find the boats in perfect condition for the needs we have. We are so pleased with this service! From a sustainabilitly standpoint, I am also a strong supporter of the sharing economy concepts. Jens Lapidus, member

“I find the concept perfect”

For me, speaking as a person with a very active lifestyle with a lot of travelling, I find the Agapi Club concept perfect. I can use the boat when I am in Stockholm and Palma de Mallorca and I do not need to think about the surrounding hassle. Agapi Club makes my boating life so much simpler and I can focus on what I want – to enjoy driving the boats. Mattias Hargin, member 2018 was an amazing year with so much learning and positive experiences.

We are completely convinced the whole industry will change and we want to invite all our colleagues and peers in the boating sector to join this journey enabled by a much more sustainable business model where we will see growth instead of a shrinking market. In this way we are all winners; Our customers and members get so much more than traditional boating for less. It is simply better! Ourselves, the players in the industry, regardless if we are a marina, supplier or shipyard.


By increasing the market and attracting more people to boating we will see a growing business based on a recurring subscription-based sales model which is more resilient against “winter” than the old traditional sales model. And most importantly, the biggest winner of all is the planet, as we are truly reducing the environmental footprint for all our members with more than 90% given our high utilization factor. This is one of the biggest beauties with the sharing economy concept. It is simply smarter!

Peder Asplund, CEO Agapi Boating AB


Agapi Boating AB is a privately owned company founded in 2006. Alejandra Levinas Asplund and Peder Asplund are the founders and driving force behind the initiative, inspired by their own insights and vision of creating a new kind of boating life. A number of well-known profiles in the Swedish business industry can be found in Agapi’s Board and among its shareholders. Agapi’s vision is to create a whole new type of boating life focusing on freedom, simplicity and environmental friendliness. They do this by challenging traditional thinking around boat design, manufacturing and the traditional ways of owning a boat. Since the launch of the first boat, Agapi has been setting a new course in boating. Today, Agapi is at the forefront driving the development of ’


economy boating’ through Agapi Club. Club members get access to Agapi’s internationally awarded boats through Agapi’s own online booking system. The concept is based on more than 10 years of charter experience and offers membership to both the private and corporate markets. Agapi Club makes premium boats accessible to more boaters than ever before.

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